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Often a dirty story is sexier if you know it actually happened. Many – perhaps most – of the posts you’ll find on this blog are true sex stories, and here I’ve collated all the ones I know to be real life sex stories on one page. True sex stories written by me, and by the fabulous guest writers who contribute their own experiences too.

True sex stories – audio porn

  • Sit still: an exercise in arousal, precision and patience

  • Guest blog: I am a piss-covered slut

  • “D’you want to bend over and get fucked?”

  • On fucking in the toilets

  • Strip clubs through the eyes of a horny straight woman

  • Overflowing: Fill me with spunk

  • Private eyes – a voyeurism story

  • In which he makes me say ‘please’

  • Sex machine adventures: DVP with a fuckmachine

  • Guest blog: Under the table sub

  • Guest blog: My first e-stim session

  • Do you know what the double-tap means?

  • Reconnecting with the Sex Scientist – a true sex story

  • Guest blog: Fuck thy neighbour

  • Belt and Fleshlight: the joy of weird sex

  • What’s in a name? Robyn’s magical mouth…

  • Science – the caning experiment

  • Silk knickers: I am not asleep

  • Do you want to cum on my arse? Beg me…


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Real life stories – blogs & guest blogs

  • Three sadists walk into a dungeon – play in a BDSM club

  • Porn with no plot: getting turned on when there’s no story

  • Just thinking about how hot you are

  • He picked me up/His dick feels good

  • Private eyes – a voyeurism story

  • Total abandon: the ultimate goal for a masturbation voyeur

  • The first stroke: making one fuckstroke last as long as possible

  • Gamble: low expectations, high reward

  • Do you want to cum on my arse? Beg me…

  • How not to fuck me if I’m on top

  • 3 of my hot bald boyfriend’s best angles

  • Guest blog: The first time I was tied and fucked

  • Single life: a romance

  • Joan Price’s eye chart method: meta sex advice

  • “Enough about me, how about you?”

  • “We need to use your mouth”

  • A beautifully wicked memory – Bondage erotica

  • Dick groping and impulse fucks: an ode to casual horn

  • I gave a guy a hand job to orgasm!

  • The man who will not text me back

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Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

Still hungry for more? Ah go on then, here are some more real life sex stories from myself and guest bloggers. Got a story of your own to share? Consider submitting your own true sex story via the guest blog page.

  • Every single inch: getting your dick all the way in

  • Oral equality: This handjob is worth more to me than head

  • Because it’s raining

  • Guest blog: My first pegging session

  • 8 minutes on tiptoes: a very mindful make-out

  • Sit still: an exercise in arousal, precision and patience

  • Wanking on the train: I can’t be the only one…

  • Being used: the dirty story

  • No words, just cocksucking: vanilla tastes good

  • Anal Sundays part 2: Butt plug accidents

  • Comets, cuck chairs and the Red Dwarf Holoship

  • Making it better – nipple clamps and caring kink

  • Guest blog: It’s not sex addiction, it’s my libido

  • You know those nights

  • Hot Octopuss Pulse Queen: unrecognisably incredible

  • Saltburn, and another conversation with my conscience

  • A beautifully wicked memory – Bondage erotica

  • Dick groping and impulse fucks: an ode to casual horn

  • How do you go from hanging out to making out?

  • Hand jobs on the train, and other things that didn’t happen