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A warm welcome – a fuckbuddy blowjob

This gorgeous fuckbuddy blowjob story is written and read by EuphemiseThis, and it originally appeared on her website. 

Everyone needs that kind of friend. You know the one. A person who you can completely relax around, who you never need to impress or show off to, and who appreciates that humans are complex imperfect beings. Ideally, a friend who also finds you incredibly hot. This is the friend who you can watch cheesy tv shows with, share snacks and talk about bullshit, but then gleefully and hungrily jump each other’s bones. The sort of person who is enthusiastic whether the suggested activity involves takeaway, Netflix, or sex toys.


James – fucking your employee

This hot story about fucking your employee is written by Scorpio Appetites, and read by Matt Johnson. 

You notice him right away. How could you not? He works for you but you don’t feel it, not really. He commands any room he enters, his easy wit and broad smile equal parts charming in their sincerity and dangerous in how defenceless they leave you. Every grin seems to be for you. Every time he rubs his neck and his suit strains around his biceps, it seems to be laser-targeted to your pussy. But you’re not stupid – you don’t fuck employees. He’s just an object, something pretty to have around, to be admired and enjoyed on your own terms. He’s a statue. A painting. A lamp.


Rocking the boat – a first date story

This hot first date story is written by Victoria Blisse and read by Sherryl Blu

I met this guy on OK Cupid, we chatted a while then decided to meet. The first date went well, when I found the location of it… he was charming, sweet and gorgeous and I, well, you all know I’m a delight. The only problem was the café/bar we met at was closing for a private event less than an hour after we arrived.


Consent – why consent is sexy

This is ‘Consent’ – a story demonstrating why consent is sexy, written and read by JM Seaborn. Note that this story uses ‘Daddy’ as an honorific. All characters are over 18. 

Consent isn’t homework. It’s not the boring part or the legal the disclaimer. It’s not the vegetables you have to eat to get to dessert. Consent is the pulsing electricity that will pass between us with enough power to blow the bulbs of a city.


Oral assessment – he teaches her some BJ tricks

This erotic fiction in which a guy enlists a stunt cock to help him teach another friend some BJ tricks is written and read by Euphemise This

Danya was excited to be back at uni for her final year, even though she knew that there probably wouldn’t be as much time for extra-curricular activities if she wanted to get a first. After unpacking, she headed to the kitchen to make herself a coffee but couldn’t face her housemates’ poor taste in instant so messaged Nate to see if he fancied meeting at Starbucks for a pumpkin spiced latte and a summer’s worth of gossip.