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Vulnerable submission – sadism, sex and satisfaction

This real life story about vulnerable submission is by Victoria Blisse, and first appeared on her website. It is read here by Girl on the Net. 

“On your hands and knees.”

We’d had fun already, my body already ached, but I didn’t hesitate to do as I was told.


Cock worship and cumsluttery

This gorgeous cock worship erotica – which includes themes of degradation – is written and read by Quenby, and originally appeared on their blog

Cock worship and cumsluttery

As soon as we step through the door our hands are on each other. Pulling off clothes, touching and feeling, our hands made clumsy with lust. He grabs my throat and pins me against the wall, I squeak in surprise, then blush as he chuckles at my reaction. Our mouths meet in a filthy kiss, all open mouths and tongues, hunger and arousal. I melt against his body, surrendering myself to his control.

I gasp as he grips my hair, pulling my head back, pain blossoms as he bites down on my exposed shoulder. I lose myself in the sensation, balanced right on the limits of my pain tolerance. As he releases me I slump back against the wall, I raise my hand to wipe some spit from my mouth.

“No.” The first word spoken since we entered the room, I obey unthinkingly, putting my hand back down by my side.

His hand reaches up, for a moment I think he’s going to be nice and clean my face for me, instead his thumb smears the drool across my cheek. His face twists into a sadistic grin as he sees the humiliation in my eyes. He holds out two fingers in front of me and I take them in my mouth, sucking and twirling my tongue around them.

He pulls his fingers out of my mouth, then leans in and whispers in my ear.

“Filthy little slut, so desperate for someone to use your mouth, aren’t you?”

I bite my lip and nod, squirming with arousal under his gaze.

He drags me across the room and sits down on my bed, pulling me over his knees. I feel him flip up my skirt, then jolt forward as he spanks me. Once, twice, a dozen times. I gasp, my cock is hard against his leg now. He drags my black, lacy thong off, chuckling as he feels the damp spot of precum I’ve left on them. There’s a cold drip of lube between my flushed buttocks, his fingers tease my ass, then roughly thrust into me. I groan as he stretches me, trying to relax around the thick digits. He leans over and picks up a butt plug, pressing it against my lips. I hum in anticipation as I suck it into my mouth, I know which one this is. Thick, heavy, gleaming steel which I know will test me. More lube is drizzled on, then I feel the metal, still warm from my mouth, pressing against me. He pushes forward against my body’s resistance, and slowly I yield, inch by inch. I whimper as my ass stretches around it, he eases off for a moment, then pushes harder. I hear him chuckle as I writhe on his lap, caught between the pain of being stretched to my limit and my empty ass, needing to be filled.

“Pleaaaase” I beg, not knowing if I want mercy or want more. Finally the plug slides home, I moan softly in satisfaction, then louder as he teases the base, rubbing the heavy metal against my prostate. My ass clenches and flutters as he fucks me with the plug.

He pushes me onto the floor in a graceless pile, then pulls me up onto my knees. “What do you want now, whore?”

I pause, is this a trick? It wouldn’t be the first time he’d pulled this particular headfuck.


He slaps me across the face.

“I asked you a question.”

I give the honest answer: “I want to suck your cock, Sir.”

He laughs, pulling down his pants to reveal the eight thick inches I asked for.

I lean in eagerly and he pushes me back. “Ask nicely.”

“Please sir, I want it, I need it. Please can I suck your cock, please fuck my mouth, pleaaaase,” I know I sound desperate, nonsensical, but I’m beyond caring right now.

He pulls my head forwards and I take his cock in my mouth. I smell his thick musk, feel his firm cock sliding between my lips. I’m reminded of the plug as my ass clenches with involuntary excitement. I hollow my cheeks as we move in tandem, my mind utterly focussed on the dick fucking my most intimate orifice. I pull back a little, swirling my tongue around the head of the cock. I grin around it as I lap up the salty stickiness of his precum, feeling him shudder in my mouth as I tease him.

He pulls my head back, and I see I’m not the only one looking flushed now. “I think you might have a bit of an oral fixation,” he teases.

I stick out my tongue, nodding excitedly. “Well, since you’ve been a good slut, I think you deserve to have that mouth filled while I fuck your ass.”

He picks up my lingerie and shoves it in my mouth, I can taste the precum still on them.

He grabs me by the hair and bends me over on the bed. I hear the rustling of a condom packet, and then his hands are back on me, lifting up my skirt, pulling my hips up towards him. I groan as he pulls the plug out of me, resenting it’s absence. I wiggle my butt in an attempt to entice him and get spanked in silent reprimand. The tip is pressed against my butt, I try to resist the urge to tease him again. Slowly he pushes into me, feeling the tight heat of my ass wrapped around him. I moan as inch after inch of him thrusts into me, finally his balls are pressed against me. He pauses for a moment, stroking my hair as I get accustomed to his length.

When I’m ready I clench and unclench myself around him. He snorts in amusement and begins thrusting back and forth. He fucks me slowly and gently at first, teasing me, making me beg for more.

I push back against his thrusts and, muffled by my thong, beg him: “Pease thir, more, hadder.”

“What was that?” He asked, his voice the auditory equivalent of a smirk.

“Peeease!” I keen, almost out of my mind with frustrated desire. I feel him pause for a moment, repositioning himself. Then he starts fucking me in earnest. I’m moaning continuously now, the soiled panties dropping out of my drooling mouth. I gasp every time he brushes my prostate as he mercilessly pounds me into the bed.

He grabs one of my hands and pulls it down towards my stiff, leaking cock. “Make yourself cum before I do,” he growls. His voice is no longer smooth and commanding, it’s guttural, harsh, filled with the hunger we’re both consumed by.

I rub the head, slick with precum, and stroke myself in time to his brutal thrusts. It’s not long before I orgasm, screaming, close to tears from the wonderful, awful overstimulation. After a couple more uneven thrusts he pulls out and flips me over. I flop bonelessly on my back and he straddles my chest. I watch him pull off the condom and frantically stroke his cock, I stick out my tongue in anticipation.

He lets out a guttural moan as he cums, and I feel the warm jizz hit my face. The scent is thick in my nostrils, I scrape the cum onto my fingers and lick it off as I stare into his eyes.

“Filthy little cumslut,” he says with a smile.

I giggle and stick my tongue out, Sir leans in and kisses me, sharing the taste of his cum. This kiss is different, this time it’s tender, gentle. I pull him close to me, snuggling into his chest.

He kisses the top of my head and whispers to me: “my filthy cumslut.”

I feel the love, the promise in these words. As I drift off to sleep my heart glows with the knowledge that I am his, and he is mine.


If you enjoyed this cock worship erotica, you can find more of Quenby’s amazing work at Quenby Creatives, or head to the audio porn page for more sexy stories read aloud.  

Convince me – femdom strap on erotica

This gorgeous femdom strap on erotica is written and read by Ferns, and it originally appeared on her website Domme Chronicles

On the floor, hands cuffed, you are cowed, and hurt, and scared. And I am standing over you calling you a fucking bitch and a dirty slut and I have a strap-on that I am forcing into your mouth and down your throat, listening to you gag, with my hand on the back of your head to pull you further onto it, and I know it hurts your mouth, your throat and I hiss at you to look up at me while you choke around it and struggle to breathe and I shove it further down your throat and you try to look up into my face, and you are gagging and that pushes the base against my clit so I shove harder against you.


Anticipation – BDSM/cuckqueaning erotica

This BDSM/cuckqueaning erotica was written by Cal (@uncmfrtblynmb) and originally appeared on his Medium blog. It is read here by Girl on the Net. 

Allison tasted the raw leather of the whip held between her dry lips. She felt the perspiration breaking out at her hairline, it was warm in her seat in the corner, with the dappled late afternoon sun shining on her naked back, but more from the stress position she was in. The wraparound chair was comfortable in its own right, but with her back hunched over and wrists cuffed to her ankles, which were in turn bound to the front legs of the chair, she was struggling.


The call of the beast – Fear erotica

This spine-tingling fear erotica, by Victoria Blisse, first appeared on her website. It is read here by Girl on the Net.

I stand on the threshold, heart beating fast, eyes opened wide. Behind me: safety, warmth, mundanity. Ahead: dangers untold. Imagined in minute detail.