The first stroke: making one fuckstroke last as long as possible

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

Once, I asked him to give me the first stroke as slowly as he possibly could. Prolong that initial shot of cock for as long as humanly possible. From the moment the head of his dick touched the wet lips of my cunt to the final stretch as it nudged against my cervix: make the first stroke of that fuck really fucking last.

He put me in the spreader bar to begin with (the velcro one on this page, if you’re interested) and secured my ankles tightly. Already eager to start, I assumed the position – face planted in the duvet, arse high in the air, hands stretching through between my open legs, so my wrists could be strapped to the spreader bar too. Folding myself in half for ease of access, so when he slid his cock in there would be no false starts or awkward angles. Positioned right at the edge of the bed, so the hole he was fucking would sit at the perfect height. He wouldn’t need to bend his knees or stand even slightly on tiptoe: my cunt was directly in front of his cock.

Aching and wet. Dripping.

I’d have squirmed if I could move, but as it was all I could do was whimper and let out a little sigh: “Please please.

I could hear him behind me rubbing at his dick. Could picture his eyes, downcast and focusing on the sight of me strapped up and spread for him.

One more whimper? Sure: “Pleeeeease.”

My cunt throbbed with the need to get fucked. I could feel that welcome, familiar cramp at the entrance which wouldn’t be soothed until I had something hard to clamp down on.

His cock.

Make that first stroke last as long as you can. 

And he did. When he pressed the head of his dick at the entrance, he paused there briefly. As if the wetness of me felt soothing against the pounding of the blood that filled the very tip.

I could sense from how he stood that he was holding it, too: one of his hands was on the peak of my arse, keeping me still so I couldn’t get greedy and push back, the other was wrapped tightly around the shaft of his cock, holding the foreskin back so he too could make the most of every tiny nerve ending.

All the sensation.

He pressed it against me – not enough to go inside, just enough to wet it. When he pulled back I pictured exactly how the tip would look – shiny with my cunt juice. Taut and full and moist.

We hadn’t even got to the first stroke yet, not really. The first stroke is marked by the point at which his cock crosses the aching ring of need right at the entrance – the part of my cunt which starts tightly then, as you push further inside, gives way. When it goes from resisting the urgent thrust of his prick to actively hungering for it. Sucking him in. Enveloping and dragging him deeper inside me.

He pushed the head in further – just a tiny bit. Enough that the widest part of the head was almost through that telltale ring of rigidity. I wanted, so badly, to push back. To say “fuck it, I can’t cope, I need it right now.” To let my impatience win.

What won out instead was my desire for him to make that first stroke last. I didn’t care about the fuckstrokes that came afterwards. Once he was done with that first, he could do what he liked: pound me till I was raw and whimpering, or pull out and leave me to stew in my own oblivion. But that first stroke? It’s a uniquely exquisite type of pleasure.

That initial penetration is the first sip of a cold pint after a ten-mile hike. The itch between your shoulder blades that’s been bugging you all day, which you finally manage to reach with the aid of a friend. It’s the cathartic moment in an end-of-the-world movie which pushes you over the edge of dramatic tension and into floods of shuddery tears.

I wanted him to make that first stroke last.

And how he did.

As the head of his cock slipped so slowly past that yearning throb at the entrance to my cunt, I felt it in more detail than I ever had before: the ridge at the head, and the way it pressed me open. The slow-release ‘pop’ as he drove it further in. The clenching, tingling thrill as he steadily pushed onwards, allowing me to feel every facet not just of the texture of his cock, but the texture of my own cunt as it yielded to him. I clenched myself so fucking tight around him to better feel every single blissful inch of it.

I don’t know how long that first stroke lasted. It might have been seconds, but it’s possible he stretched it out for a full minute. As I whimpered and moaned (I don’t remember exactly what, but I imagine there was plenty more ‘please‘ to go round), I forgot the tightness of the velcro straps on my wrists and ankles and the uncomfortable angle of my neck as I lay muffled in the duvet. My mind could focus on one thing and one thing only: that first fucking stroke with his rock-solid dick.

I knew it was coming to an end when I felt the gentle kiss of his flesh against my bum – the cold softness of his belly and thighs coming to nudge up against me. Knowing it was almost over, I moaned with misery and joy and ludicrous nostalgia for how the world had been mere seconds ago. Then I felt the head of his dick putting pressure on my cervix. Just a little at first, then more, and then more, until he was all the way in – so deep inside me that his cock was bearing down on yesterday’s bruises.

I have never felt so utterly and completely full as I did in that moment. And whether it was seconds or minutes or hours, I could have existed in that state for as long as he was willing to hold it.

I’d have taken that first stroke for as long as he could make it last.



This post is also available as audio. Click ‘listen now’ above or head to the audio porn page for more sexy stories read aloud.

If you’d asked me ten years ago whether it was possible to write erotica about one single fuckstroke, I’d have laughed you out of the room. But yeah, it turns out it is. Not only am I quite proud of this piece, but this is the real-life incident I most frequently wank about these days. While using a Zumio on my clit and inserting a dildo reeeeaalllly fucking slooooowly. You can have that tip for free. 


  • Purple Rain says:

    Wow, this is hot.

  • Sean says:

    That was brilliant and wonderfully relatable. Bravo and thanks.

  • fuzzy says:

    Yeah what the other two said. Great erotica.

    One of my favorite things ever is slightly related to this, holding in place for as long as possible and neither of us moving the connection. You can twitch inside, you can throb, you can clench, you can cry, but hold that connection and absolutely no grinding or thrusting or rotating of any kind. See how long you can maintain it before you go crazy and lose all control.

  • Jully says:

    Amazing post…

  • G says:

    The wife and I love doing this too, but I make it worse for her by rapidly pulling out while she’s contracting her cunt muscles when I’m cervix deep. I can feel and hear the pop as my glistening cock rapidly leaves her opening. Just means I have to repeat the process all over again….

  • Peog says:

    So I actually found your blog searching for a description of what that first stroke feels like for a woman. I recall that your description was brilliant, but now I can’t find that post, so I am writing a comment to this one instead. Of course, being a man I then wondered if anyone had written about that same sensation from a male/penisowner perspective. Not so many poets there it seems.

    So here is my take on what that first stroke feels like if you have a penis. I place this in the public domain, so anyone is invited to improve on it and/or republish it.

    I walk through a door. I feel the softness of a lush carpet between my toes. The walls are covered with golden drapes with deep red accents. In the middle of the room is a bathtub. The elegant kind with feet and a delicately curved silhouette. I walk up to the bathtub and feel the water. It has that just perfect temperature. The one that gets your nerves tingling, but will not burn you. I step in and slide down, letting the water hug me in the softest of embraces. All is quiet and I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

    I walk through a door. The roaring sound of an engine fills my ears. Steel and hard glass enclose me as I sit down in the drivers seat and grab the wheel with both hands. Through the garage opening I can just make out the massive audience. All men who have come before me throughout history are here to cheer me on. I press the pedal and feel my whole world shake as I let it rip. The noise is deafening and I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

    These two events happen at exactly the same time and there is no contradiction.

  • wifeslayer says:

    Did DVP with a friend and his Mrs, I slid in her pussy from behind while my mate was buried deep inside her sat on his cock reverse cowgirl legs spread wanting more I lined up rubbed my cock over her wet cunt first lube me up and started to slide in, so tight had to go slow was the most intense feeling ever sliding in slowly against my mates throbbing cock and her squeezing our cocks in her pussy, going really slow enjoying every second I only got about half way and was near blowing but I didnt say anything thought it would be embarrassing, tried my best calm myself but my mates cock was throbbing more and more and his mrs talking so much while looking me in the eyes I couldn’t help myself exploded inside her couldn’t pull out in time 3 big bursts and still shooting pulsing as was pulling out spunk all over her pussy and my mates cock dripping down, I apologised was so embarrassed

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