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Sex blog gets over 350,000 pageviews per month, from over 170,000 unique users. The majority of traffic comes from the US and UK. If you’d like more data on reach/demographics etc, please do get in touch.

On-site ads

The adverts you see in the top, bottom and sidebar (4 slots) are displayed in rotation. With a maximum number of advertisers in rotation at any given time, your creative will be served a minimum of 90,000 times each month, and your ad will never be displayed directly next to an ad for a competitor. If there are fewer than the max number of advertisers at any given time, your ad will be shown to more people at no extra cost.

For illustration, in June 2018 there were 8 advertisers, and the blog achieved 387,000 pageviews. There are 2-4 ad slots on each page, so each advertiser achieved over 150,000 page loads of their ads during that month. 

Ads cost £65 per month. Minimum booking is 3 months, discounts are available for longer bookings. All ads will be marked as ‘sponsored’ and nofollow, as per ASA and Google rules.

If your company supports writers/bloggers – for instance sponsoring a blogger to attend Eroticon/Woodhull, or sponsoring the events themselves, let me know when you get in touch and I’ll add a free month to the end of your ad booking (depending on availability).


Alongside running this site, I also out with Eroticon – the big annual conference held in London for sex writers and other erotic creatives. There are a number of sponsorship opportunities if you’d like to reach this influential audience. Get in touch with [email protected] to find out more.


My sex toys recommendation page uses affiliate links for two companies – SheVibe (US) and SimplyPleasure (UK). These are based on affiliate recommendations from other bloggers. I am not looking to join any new affiliate schemes, although if you have a great sex toy company from outside the UK or US, let me know and I will look at expanding it.

Sponsored posts

I don’t accept sponsored editorial from companies, but I do promote sponsor products in various posts, like this one for Masturbation Month or this one for Christmas 2017 or this one for Valentine’s Day. I also occasionally write about sponsor products, create audio porn of stories about using sponsor dildos, and more. This is partly because it’s more fun for me to write sexy stories than straight up reviews/sponsored content, but mostly it’s because this is the kind of content my readers like.

Press/sex toy reviews

If you have a new product/concept/press release/idea, feel free to send it to [email protected] and I’ll bear it in mind either for here or for one of the other publications I write for. I get a tonne of email so I can’t reply to everything, but I’m always happy to receive press releases and info!

I don’t tend to write sex toy reviews, though I do occasionally write about sex toys if I find something I particularly love, or that’s made by a company I think is cool. They are usually companies I’ve met at Eroticon (see above!) or worked with on things like ads or commissioned work.