I am currently sold out of sponsorship and I’m afraid I won’t have any new opportunities until September 2021 at the earliest. Sorry to disappoint, but feel free to check back here later if you’d like to work together, or drop me an email at the address below and I can add you to the waiting list.

On-site ads

Advertising costs $250 / £200 / €230 for a 3 month booking which includes on-site ads, sponsor tweets, inclusion in timely gift guides and more. If you book for 6 months or longer you get bonus extras like me writing cool stuff about your products, and other exciting treats.

If your company supports writers/bloggers – for instance sponsoring a blogger to attend Eroticon/Woodhull, or sponsoring the events themselves, let me know when you get in touch and I’ll add a free month to the end of your ad booking (depending on availability).

I understand not everyone has this kind of budget – I’m happy to recommend other bloggers who may offer packages that are more in your price range. All ads will be marked as ‘sponsored’ and nofollow, as per ASA and Google rules.

Other advertising opportunities

If you would like to spread the word about your products with other sex writers like me, I can thoroughly recommend speaking to Eroticon about sponsorship. Eroticon is the big annual conference held in London for sex writers and other erotic creatives. Get in touch with [email protected] to find out more.


My sex toys recommendation page uses affiliate links, based on recommendations from other bloggers. I am not looking to join any new affiliate programmes, although if you have a great sex toy company from outside the UK or US, let me know and I will look at expanding it.

Sponsor posts

I don’t accept sponsored editorial from companies, but I do promote sponsor products in various posts, like this one for Masturbation Month or this one for Christmas 2017 or this one for Valentine’s Day. I also occasionally write about sponsor products, create audio porn of stories about using sponsor dildos, and more. This is partly because it’s more fun for me to write sexy stories than straight up reviews/sponsored content, but mostly it’s because this is the kind of content my readers like. Site sponsors (see above) will automatically be included in the round-up posts. Individual posts negotiable depending on length of sponsorship.

If you email me to ask for a one-off sponsored post, I have to just delete your email I’m afraid – I get so many requests like this I do not have time to reply to all of them.

Press/sex toy reviews

If you have a new product/concept/press release/idea, feel free to send it to [email protected] and I’ll bear it in mind. I get a tonne of email so I can’t reply to everything, but I’m always happy to receive press releases and info!

I don’t tend to write sex toy reviews, though I do occasionally write about sex toys if I find something I particularly love, or that’s made by a company I think is cool. They are usually companies I’ve met at Eroticon (see above!) or worked with on sex blog advertising or commissioned work.