Teach me how to feel compersion

Compersion: the feeling you get when you see a person you love being really, incredibly happy with someone who isn’t you. It’s an awesome word, which I was introduced to by polyamorous friends. They explained to me that compersion is how they feel when a loved one is with (fucking, loving, hanging out with) someone else who makes them happy. It’s the opposite of jealousy, with which I’m much more familiar: the feeling I get when the person I love is fucking someone else and it makes me want to curl into a ball and weep until I shrivel and die.


Guest blog: Watching VR porn as a trans man

This week’s guest blogger, Kelvin, is a sex blogger – he writes at the amazingly-named CyborgDicks.com and tweets @cyborgdicks. He got in touch recently with an idea for a guest blog about his relationship with VR porn, as a trans man who experiences gender dysphoria. I’m obsessed with virtual reality porn mainly because it does something that standard porn can’t: it allows the viewer to get closer to inhabiting different bodies. Find out how VR porn has helped Kelvin and his trans girlfriend experience something totally new…


Unscripted compliments, and knowing I’m your hero

Sometimes the best compliments are the ones you least expect. Mine came out of the blue about 4:30 on a rainy Saturday afternoon, while we were having a massive argument. Well, not exactly. We were fuming in the silent aftermath of a massive argument – each getting on with our own thing and wondering if we could pull this shit together before the evening began and we realised we wanted to be friends again.


Guest blog: Me, my husband, and our first ever threesome

I am always excited to read guest blogs about first times – there’s something shiveringly delicious about that moment when something you’ve dreamed about for ages starts coming true. Especially when that thing either lives up to or exceeds all your lustful expectations. So you’ll understand why I’m completely in love with this week’s guest blog, by Leah, detailing the first ever threesome she had – with her husband, and a woman called ‘C’.


Apocalypse fantasy: gang bangs, dreams and reality

I am not hoping for the apocalypse. Let that sink in, fully and completely, because although this includes a dirty story about gang-bangs and sexual servicing, it is not an ‘ apocalypse fantasy’ in the purposeful sense: I do not ever want it to come true. I don’t want the world to end, and I don’t want anyone to die. But sometimes, when I am calm and happy, I entertain myself by daydreaming about the end of the world. In my fantasy, all the people on the planet have disappeared except for a select few. And those select few: they fuck me.


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