GOTN’s Eroticon 2018 Meet and Greet

It’s just over a month until Eroticon 2018, the conference for sex bloggers, erotica writers and other erotic creative types held in Camden on 17th/18th March. Just typing that sentence makes me simultaneously excited and nervous, because Eroticon was so good to me when I was a baby blogger that I desperately want it to be as good for others as it was for me. Molly, Michael and I have been working hard at the planning, and all our amazing speakers are getting ready to give their talks/workshops. All that’s left now is to introduce ourselves, and get ready for March 2018…


Sexy link roundup: #MeToo, boot polishing and breast massagers

This week’s sexy link round-up is eclectic: I’ve got one serious post, one seriously horny post, and one seriously odd post. Click on the headings below to read the full articles, and please do share the ones you love.


Amazing guest blogs of 2015 – part 1

Next up in the series highlighting great guest blogs from the archive, here are a few of my favourites from 2015. There were so many amazing guest blogs in 2015 I’ve split this into a few parts. In this part: snogging in lifts, a pegging spitroast, glory holes, and the sexiest thing I have ever read on the subject of Rocket Raccoon…  (more…)

Sexy boots, fishnet hold-ups and other confidence tricks

I wear sexy boots because I imagine they make me look better when I’m bent over and being fucked. I wear boots because they make me feel powerful. And I wear boots because without them I am just a person, and a person is a frightening thing to be.


I’m horny and everything looks like fucking

I’m horny and so everything I see looks like fucking. The boots that are lying jumbled in the corner of my bedroom look like a quick, bent-over fuck over an office desk. The couple snogging on the corner look like fucking. The hot guy behind the bar at the local pub with his raised eyebrow and tight t-shirt: he always looks like fucking, but even more so today. I’d normally seethe about the guys on the train playing music loudly from their tinny phone speakers, but they look like fucking right now too.


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