Guest blog: What does my collar mean to me?

There are so many cool aspects of BDSM that I don’t fully understand… until someone who’s into them explains why it appeals. I’m delighted to welcome Spices of Lust to the blog today – they’re a blogging couple who document their BDSM life (click the link!) in all its glorious kinky, emotional, fascinating detail. Today, she’s here to talk about collaring: what makes someone want to wear someone else’s collar, and what does wearing a collar mean in their relationship? If you enjoyed this peek behind the curtain please do share this post, check out the Spices of Lust blog, and follow @LustSpices on Twitter!


Fuck the pain away: The golden rule of electro sex

In the course of my electro sex adventures, I have had a lot of ups and downs. Mainly ups, naturally, because electro sex toys open the doorway to plenty of intriguing sexual adventures that wouldn’t be possible without this specialist equipment. Click on the link in the first sentence for a few examples, or feel free to just imagine me writhing naked on a wooden bench while a lightning storm rages outside, and my partner zaps my cunt while cackling eagerly like a horny Dr Frankenstein. The downs (those moments when electro sex toys don’t do exactly what I expect them to) are mostly caused by me forgetting the golden rule of electro sex. So as I write up my latest adventure – fucking an electric dildo – I thought I’d take the opportunity to properly explain this golden rule.


When he pulls out but doesn’t quite make it…

When we’re fucking, and he’s just about to come, there’s always a split-second moment when he has to decide: hold back or let go? If he pulls out quickly and closes his eyes so he can’t see the wet hole of my twitching cunt desperate for him to shove it back in, he can deny himself an orgasm now, but keep it in the bank for another fuck half an hour later. If he lets go, he gets that delightful thudding pulse running through his cock, and the wave of satisfied release as he dumps spunk inside me, but the chances of us fucking again shortly afterwards reduce dramatically. It’s a tricky decision. And sometimes it’s one that he doesn’t get to make.


Guest blog: The forbidden fuck

You all know I have a kink for lustful longing, right? Intense desire, that fires you up and makes you tremble, which may or may not ever be requited. Please welcome today’s guest – @EuphemiseThis – who’s here to talk about lust, longing and a forbidden fuck…


Sex challenge Magic: the Gathering

He taps 7 mana to boost a dragon hatchling, flying it over my beasts like they mean nothing. With a wry grin and a look of barely-disguised glee, he puts on a faux-sympathetic voice and tells me: “Looks like that butt plug’s going in your ass.” Sex challenge Magic is the best Magic.


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