Forced orgasm: the fantasy I’m working to fulfil

This post discusses forced orgasm, which is sometimes a part of consensual non-consent play. I assure you I’d only ever want to do this to a guy who was 100% up for playing this role, but if forced orgasm is not your thing, look away now.

I want to watch a man being milked of his spunk. While he bites his lip and holds back, and screws his eyes tight shut to concentrate on something – anything – else. A guy who is being forced to come, at the same time as he’s been ordered to try not to.


Guest blog: voyeurism and exhibitionism on the beach

This week’s guest blogger intrigued me by telling me that although he’s used some artistic licence, the basis for this story is true. And I love that, because not only am I guessing which part of this voyeuristic adventure actually happened, but it reminds me that sometimes the most fun erotic writing is a combination of fact and fantasy. Take it away MJ…


Christmas presents to fill your orifices and also the void in your soul

I’ve never done a proper guide to Christmas presents before – one where I actually recommend products to buy. That’s because I am absolutely Shit At Business. I suck at writing the more commercial blog posts because it sounds more boring to tell you to buy a sex toy than to tell you exactly why it turned me on. BUT this year at least two (TWO!) people have asked me for gift recommendations, so I’m going to give you a list of Christmas presents that you can buy for other people or yourself. It includes sex toys, books, and some non-sex-related things that I just think are really cool.


My love/hate relationship with Girl on the Net

I bet sometimes Clark Kent wants to punch Superman. And I know this because I would happily punch Girl on the Net if she weren’t also basically me. I don’t hate her all the time, or even most of the time. But right now I hate her. And this is not the same thing as self-hate: it is richer and deeper and more intense. A purer kind of hatred, because GOTN isn’t me. She isn’t even real, so I can revel in the delicious satisfaction of hating her in the same way I can hate Voldemort.


Sexy link roundup: spanking, menstrual cups and Sophia Loren

This week’s sexy link round up features just three things. One erotic, one practical, and one just plain fun. Read some other great writers on spanking, menstrual cups, and an archive interview with Sophia Loren. And then (because it’s Share Our Shit Saturday) please share the posts you enjoy!


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