Relationship myths: the biggest lies we’re told about love

The biggest lie we’re told about love is that the start of it is actually The End. The trial and strife and struggle of your day-to-day smooths out into plain sailing when you’ve someone beside you. You’ve walked into the sunset, and you live there now. It’s warm and calm, like the end of a summer’s day. Both of you have made it and you’re safe. The other relationship myths I’ve been told pale in comparison to this one: that love is easy, once you’re in it.


Guest blog: The first time I experienced sleepy subspace

This week’s guest blog talks about a sensation I think I might have experienced. I have no solid memories of this happening, but when I read this guest blogger’s post I felt like I was brushing up against this sensation in my mind – like I’m straining to remember the detail of something which happened in a dream. It’s glorious. Please welcome Phoenix Rose, who is here to talk to you about sleepy subspace.


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Guest blog: the Girls on Film research project

I’ve an extra guest blog for you today – and it’s one on a topic that’s close to my heart: porn. Amy from @ResearchingPorn is conducting a research on women and porn. As someone who has sat through a number of discussions and panels on porn, I am constantly frustrated by the way that porn’s ‘effects’ are discussed mostly in terms of men. Porn makes men feel X, it makes men do Y, etc etc, with often little to no analysis of the relationship women have with it, even though we make up a significant proportion of the people who watch porn. Amy wants to explore those questions, and she’d love for any women reading this to take the ‘Girls on Film’ questionnaire and help with the research.


How to choose the best dildo for your specific kinks

We’ve all heard that old saying “Don’t have anything in your home that you don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” Happily, when it comes to dildos, you don’t need to choose between practicality and prettiness: you can have both. In which case… how do you choose the best dildo to add to your collection?


‘Marrying up’: every single layer of this is bullshit

I’m late to the party on this news, but a couple of weeks ago someone released some research about what straight women are looking for in a partner, and how they’re struggling to find someone because they’re intent on ‘marrying up’. There’s loads of bullshit to wade through here, and it’s quite fun sometimes to unpack it all, smearing it liberally all over the floor until you realise there’s nothing of value even hiding in the centre of what is a wholly ridiculous concept. Let’s look at ‘marrying up’ and ‘marrying down’.


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