Guest blog: Why I wrote an erotic story about hysterectomy

This week’s amazing guest blog is by Stella Fosse – erotica writer, author of Aphrodite’s Pen: The Power of Writing Erotica after Midlife, and a late bloomer whose erotic life blossomed in her late 50s. She’s here to challenge some of the tedious judgments made about older women and sex, and when I first read her guest blog – about what caused her to write an erotic story about hysterectomy – it made me want to dance and shout stuff from the rooftops. Read her blog below, and follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


A letter to… the childfree woman who misses her friends

This weekend, the Guardian published ‘A letter to my friends with children’ from a childfree woman who is sad that she sees less of the women she loves when they have children. “Each time one of my female friends has a baby, our friendship changes,” she explained, and a few parents I followed on Twitter understandably rolled their eyes and got a bit annoyed.


Jealousy fuck: I’m angry because you’re mine

This story is an addition to the ‘emotional fucks‘ series: jealousy fuck. With many thanks to the reader who suggested adding something like this to the pile! 


Guest blog: Open relationships are more boring than you think

I’m really excited to introduce you to this week’s fantastic guest blogger. Molly Quell is a writer who is in an open relationship, and when telling people her relationship status she’s often confronted with some fairly inaccurate assumptions. She’s here to debunk some, and explain what her love life really looks like…


No, I’m sorry. You can’t break up with me.

A random selection of ridiculous reasons why boys aren’t allowed to break up with me. FYI.


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