I think I’m gonna be sad

The sad thing happens on Monday morning. But there were lots of sad things that laid the path to it, so perhaps it’s not surprising that initially I’m just a bit numb. All day I’m braced for the waves of despair to crash. I sit at my desk. I work. I write. Edit some audio porn, upload a bit to Patreon, and wait and wait and wait for the misery to hit.


Guest blog: How to have sex again after a rape

Today’s guest blog is by an anonymous contributor, and reading it affected me so much that I don’t know how to capture that in an intro. It’s a stunning, raw, powerful story about having sex again after a rape, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am to this brilliant writer for sharing their journey. Note that the first half contains descriptions of rape and assault.


Fishnets and his favourite t-shirt

She puts on the fishnets with no knickers. The tights are medium gauge, with holes just wide enough that you can easily stick a finger through to rip them. She’s never worn them like this before, and the cool air on her cunt feels strange when it’s also flimsily caged. Strange but good. Next she puts on the t-shirt he left on her bedroom floor last night. A faded black one with the logo of one of his favourite bands. If you’re joining me in this fantasy, feel free to pick whichever shirt has most resonance for you: maybe it’s the home kit from your football team, a flannel one that you wear around the house on lazy, happy days, maybe it’s merch from your favourite festival, whatever. Pick whichever you’re most likely to leave on your girlfriend’s bedroom floor. Whichever shirt you’d most like to dress your partner in before you fuck them. She puts on the fishnets and that shirt, then angles the mirror.


Guest blog: Milk made – my lactation journey

I almost don’t need to write intros for these posts, because I figure all I need to do is ring a giant bell and shout “HEY HEY! JENBY IS BACK!” and you know that what is coming will be fun, hot, and creatively kinky. Her most recent piece was an incredibly horny account of using the new hot pink Doxy to give her girlfriend ‘full-on eye-rolling, spasming, practically-levitating-from-demonic-possession’ orgasms. Today’s guest blog is especially incredible, because she is talking about how she came to get her body to do something that I’ve always been fascinated by (and never done myself) – lactation! Note before we begin that Jenby is going to explain how she managed to start lactating, and that involves certain drugs that help to stimulate milk production – nothing in this post (or anywhere on this blog) constitutes medical advice though, so if you’re hoping to go on the same journey yourself please do talk to a doctor before you begin. This post also contains ageplay and the use of ‘Mommy’ as an honorific – all participants are consenting adults.


He saw you: gyūdon and good people

When I tell my sister this story, she snort-laughs and tells me ‘we really need to do something about the low expectations you have of men.’ I’m front-loading this because I suspect that’s what the man involved might say himself. He used to be quite baffled by how pleased I was when he did little thoughtful things, as if little thoughtful things aren’t worthy of note. As if kindness is incidental, instead of – you know – everything.


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