Support trans people: respond to the GRA consultation

As a cisgender person, it’s hard to talk about trans rights in the UK without sounding either like a patronising arse (of course trans people should be able to access their rights! Don’t you realise trans people are people too?) or like I’m fishing for some kind of medal (of course trans people should be able to access their rights! Where’s my cookie?). As a result, I end up doing a weird fudge where I retweet links to things like the GRA consultation without ever writing about it in depth, because all the words I bash out onto the page seem like arsery or medal-fishing. But there are only a few days left to fill out the GRA consultation, and this is one of those rare opportunities where you get to spend a little bit of time making a tangible difference to something important, so here goes.


How do I get invited to a gang bang?

Over the course of the last week three – THREE – men have asked me how they go about getting invited to a gang bang. Two of them have been quite specific about exactly the kind of gang bang they want. I get asked questions like this quite frequently, so I’m going to answer this one now: here’s how to get invited to a gang bang.


Guest blog: A trip with my butt plug – the joy of the Hotel Wank

The most popular sex toy to write about on a sex blog is the humble butt plug. It gets more search traffic than almost any other term. Perhaps because butt plugs are one of the most universal sex toys: they aren’t limited by the kind of genitals you have, and the variations in size or texture mean there are so many kinds of butt plug that there’s something for (almost) everyone. So I’m delighted to welcome this week’s guest blogger who, after experimenting with butt plugs with his wife, decided to take one of their new toys on a solo trip, and fold it into one of the best kinds of wank: the luxury, private, unrestrained hotel wank.


Mysteryvibe Crescendo: what are smart sex toys for?

“You can’t ‘win’ at fucking, that’s not how it works,” my partner explains to me sternly, as he flips through settings on the Mysteryvibe Crescendo app. “It’s about how well we play together.” I’m temporarily sheepish in the face of his gentle chastisement, until he adds under his breath: “Besides, I’ll win.”


By the time my coffee is cold, he’ll have fucked her

Recently I have been trying to get to grips with the idea of sending my partner off to go and fuck other women while I wait alone at home, ideally wanking and finding the whole thing very sexy, at the very least feeling happy that he’s happy: a brief flash of compersion. It is not easy, but one of the ways I am trying to become acquainted with it is to write erotic stories about it. Here’s one of them.  (more…)

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