School role play: waiting for punishment

“You’ll stand in the corner until we’re done here,” he tells me. His voice is flat – almost a monotone – and it’s doubly hard to assess how angry he is because I don’t really know this man well. That’s the thrill of it, really: not knowing how he’ll react. He is a borderline stranger, and I deliberately riled him up in front of everyone. And now I’m standing in the corner with my nose pressed against the wall, my skirt hiked up around my waist like a naughty schoolgirl, and a good long wait while I anticipate what he might do. My heart beats in my throat and with my face hidden like this, I grin.

This blog post involves school role play – albeit very unrealistic school role play – including corporal punishment. If that’s not your thing look away now.


Masturbation month guest blog: Me, myself and I

This week’s guest blogger is writing about one of my favourite things in the world: wanking. And not just any wanking – super-hot masturbation while she watches herself in the mirror. It’s the perfect piece to put up during Masturbation Month, and is so hot that it’s made me feel like I want to treat myself to a seriously awesome wank like this too. Please welcome the very talented @ZebraRoseSub!


Acts versus consent: to what am I allowed to consent?

In any society, there’ll be things to which you cannot legally consent. Most UK-based kinksters will be probably be aware of the Spanner case, in which a group of men were prosecuted for various crimes including assault, despite the fact that the participants had consented to the activity. It’s a really interesting discussion this, because it tackles a whole range of things that are interesting to think about including consent, power, and personal freedom. To what, exactly, are we allowed to consent?


Sexy link roundup: courage, incels and dystopian erotica

It’s been a while since I did a round-up of sexy links, so apologies for being lax on it. But I am now raring to go and because I’ve missed a couple of weeks I’m going to pick three of my favourite sex blog posts from the last few weeks. I also have not one but TWO bonus updates right at the end of the post…


Guest blog: A little different

Meet Cara Thereon (@thereon_cara): an incredible sex blogger who I had the pleasure of hanging out with at Eroticon this year. Cara is in what some would call a ‘DD/lg’ relationship – she uses the honorific ‘Daddy’ and refers to herself as a ‘little’, and she regularly plays within this dynamic. I’m saying this up front so that those of you who might find this uncomfortable can click away now, and also so I can state really clearly up front that both of the people who feature in this piece are firmly over the age of 18. It’s a tricky play dynamic to talk about, and an intensely personal thing to describe, and I am so grateful to Cara for stopping by to give such an intimate and thoughtful look into her relationship, and why it works for her.


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