I will never manage to give a ‘death grip’ hand job

The other day, when I was giving my partner a lazy hand-job in the bath, I realised that although I have watched him wank countless times, I have never fully understood one thing about his masturbation technique: how hard he squeezes. In the process of getting him to show me I learned why they call it the ‘death grip.’


Dating a sex blogger: what is it actually like?

People often think that dating a sex blogger consists of living every single day on a sexual rollercoaster: shagging first thing in the morning, enjoying a blow-job with your post-work Xbox session, and then filling your evenings with creative fucking as you test out brand new sex toys. Here’s what it’s actually like.


Guest blog: Untitled erotic poetry

If you know me even a little you’ll know that I love poetry almost as much as I love sex. So when Derek A Brown Sr got in touch to offer some erotic poetry for the guest blog slot I was utterly delighted, and now I’m ridiculously excited to share it with you. If you enjoy it as much as I did, please do follow him on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and head to his website where you can buy his collections of erotic poetry too!


Fucking in the heatwave, and trying to ‘be more domme’

The other day I tiptoed into the bedroom while he was napping in the afternoon. He was naked. Beads of sweat stood out on his forehead in the baking June heatwave. His chest hair stuck to his skin and he had a slight frown on his face, as if – in his sleep – he was trying to solve a difficult problem. His cock stood out hard and proud away from his body, almost straight up in the air, inviting me to slide down onto it and fuck him in the sticky haze of summer.


Guest blog: Letting go – a BDSM love story

I’m a fucking sucker for a love story. Especially if that story throbs with lust as well, and pulls you in to the floaty-sexy-romantic headspace of the people who are falling for each other. Be aware that if you’re squeamish about blood or age play it might not be for you, but if you – like me – are a lustful romantic, you’ll probably adore this like I did. Please welcome LM, who’s here to tell you a BDSM love story.


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