Reasons I have not replied to your message

We live in anxious times, soundtracked by the constant, incessant ping of phones and laptops. Notifications are everywhere, bleeping and flashing and demanding a response. So how do we deal with it? Some people probably just switch their phones off or put them in a different room. People like me, though, write blog posts trying to explain ourselves to others in a desperate attempt to either make them forgive me or make them leave me alone. So with good and bad, selfish and silly and paranoid and everything in between, here are a few reasons I have not replied to your message.


The girth issue: why I miss anal fucking

Most of my sex fantasies include some anal fucking somewhere: pushing back against someone’s cock to slide it all the way in… being told I’m a ‘good girl’ for taking something bigger than I usually would… or just being told to lube up and brace myself. Unnngh… hot. And yet despite this I can’t remember the last time I actually had anal sex.


Guest blog: I started 2018 by having my first threesome

Ahh this guest blog makes my heart flutter – as well as other parts of me. It’s about friendship and intimacy as well as, you know, the hot stuff. While I rang in 2018 with good friends and a bottle of cheap prosecco, this week’s anonymous guest blogger started her year with good friends and her first threesome.


Please don’t share that dick pic

There are lots of reasons why you shouldn’t share pictures of your own dick with people who haven’t expressly asked to see it. This subject has been covered so much now that I hope those who have dicks understand exactly how not to be a dick about nude selfies/dick pics etc. But today I’m not talking to these people: I’m talking to people who receive dick pics and share them publicly because they want to shame the person who sent them. Brace yourselves because this might be a little bit controversial, but I’m hoping by the end of it I can persuade one or two of you that publishing someone else’s dick pic – however good your intentions – is not a good idea.


Guest blog: ‘Not to Choose’ by Valery North

I am ridiculously excited about today’s guest blog – as you can probably tell by the fact I’m posting it on Monday as opposed to Friday when other guest blogs go up. Valery North – who has written here before on how your physical responses to sex toys can change as you get older – has just published a book! Not to Choose is a BDSM relationship novel about kinky sex, feminism and one person’s spiritual faith. And the extract that Valery has sent to give you a taster of the book is ridiculously hot, and very much my cup of tea. Or my cup of ‘vigorous, intense BDSM fuck’, if you will…


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