Fuckstick adventures: I got fucked with a dildo on a stick

The fuckstick makes him feel powerful, he tells me. A fuckstick, in case you were wondering, is quite literally a dildo on a stick – a fat blue silicone cock moulded, in this case, onto just over a metre of solid wooden handle, with a leather grip at the other end. Thanks to my site sponsors Godemiche for sending me this wand of wonder. It’s a sex toy that invites dominance. It oozes power. The very act of holding it makes his lip curl upwards in a dominant sneer, and allows him the confidence to issue me strict instructions: “Bend over.”


Guest blog: On feeling small… and cute

If you’ve been here a while, you’ll have met this week’s guest blogger before – back in May she wrote this gorgeously hot account of the sexy experiment that turned out far better than she expected. Now ‘A’ is back to talk about role play, and embracing sexual play that makes her feel small and cute.

Like a few other guest bloggers and kinky folks, A uses ‘Daddy’ as an honorific for her partner, and they role play within that context. They are both well over the age of 18, and aren’t related, but please do be aware before choosing whether to read. 


Anything he wants: love, piss and foolishness

Have you ever met someone for whom you’d do almost anything? This is a story about a guy like that, and a thing he asked me to do. As with so many unusual and horny things from my past, I’d completely forgotten about this incident until I was reminded of it by a tweet. It’s about piss, and love, and that foolishness you catch when you’re irrationally hot for someone.


Masturbation Monday: Self-love affair

This is a post written for Masturbation Monday, inspired by the lovely image above from Floss Does Life. I am terrible at taking part in blogging memes, but I’ve wanted to do Masturbation Monday for a while because I really enjoy reading the hot entries people contribute each week. This week I spotted this photo and it gave me an instant idea for this woman, and this quick story.


“Let’s swap clothes”: Watching my boyfriend strip for me

I like it when he wears my knickers. I like it when he wears short silk shorts, too – the kind he’s bought for me but that look too good on him for us not to share the pleasure. Given my love of seeing him wearing my clothes, it’s inevitable that one night I suggest to him: “Let’s swap clothes.”


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