What is sex like? My answer to this tricky question…

A long long time ago a friend of mine asked this question: “What is sex like?” Normally my answer would have been something along the lines of “why not try it and see?” but she was religious, and didn’t want to have sex before she was married. That didn’t stop her being desperately curious about it, though. Being celibate doesn’t stop you being horny, and we’d often have chats about boys who made her flutter, and the way she’d yearn to do more than just blush. Hence her question: what is sex like?


Guest blog: Erotic hypnosis, red flags and ghosting

This week’s guest blogger is Alice, and she’s here to talk to you about erotic hypnosis – the way she played with a guy called Hypnodom. As with a most sex stories, the sexy experiences are coloured by the experiences that happen alongside them. And Alice wanted to tell the whole story here: not just how she got involved with Hypnodom, and the ways they played together, but what happened later down the line, and how things ended…


Eroticon 2019: sex writing is fun, you should try it

If you’ve only just started following this blog, allow me to introduce you to Eroticon: the sex writing conference based at Arlington House in Camden, where sex bloggers, erotic writers and other awesome people gather once a year to share their knowledge and expertise. This year’s was exceptional, and if you’re interested in getting started in sex blogging/writing, now feels like the perfect time to join in, because the community is growing so wonderfully.


Headboards and rails: the best bed for sex

Oh happy day! I have acquired the greatest thing! It is amazing and sexy and it lives in my house now, and never again shall I forget how much it means to me! After a suspiciously successful visit to Ikea I now have the best bed for sex – a metal framed one with a headboard – that I can hook my toes behind while I get vigorously fucked.


Guest blog: Caught having sex in the office

No one’s ever asked me this, but if I were a guest blogger I’d want to know: the most popular guest blog ever published on the site is this one – about wearing a butt plug in public. It’s a phenomenal post, written by the excellent @Absolutely_Ruby, who popped back later to record it as audio porn so her sexy words could be accessible to more people. She’s amazing, and her writing is incredibly hot, which is why I’m delighted to welcome her back this week with another real-life sex story, about getting caught having sex in the office…


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