Guest post: How I got invited to my first threesome

The fabulous @EuphemiseThis has been kind enough to share lots of sexy adventures here on the blog. From getting spanked by a couple in their hotel room to her tryst with a burlesque goddess, velvet fetishes and forbidden fucks. I am honoured that she’s up for sharing this gorgeous story too – about getting invited to her first threesome. Frankly, after uploading this, I am envious. And also massively horny.


Sexual communication: the ‘why’ as well as the ‘what’

There are plenty of articles and guides that highlight the importance of sexual communication. And it really is important. As I’ve said before, there’s a reason why so many posts on this blog are tagged ‘communication‘ – it’s the special sauce that makes for a really good fuck. It’s not all on you, obviously: shagging is a team sport and I need to communicate too. The more effectively we communicate, the better we’ll fuck. But although we’re often advised to communicate, there isn’t always a great deal of info on how. Just being told to ‘talk!’ is often unhelpful if you’re unused to having those conversations. So here’s a bit of advice if you’re not used to sexual communication, from someone who does a lot of it: when discussing kinks and desires, start by filling in the ‘why’ as well as the ‘what.’


Belt and Fleshlight: the joy of weird sex

It is very very rare for me to stumble across weird sex that I haven’t already fantasised about, or seen elsewhere in porn, and as a result it took me a good long time to work out how to put this story down in words. 


Guest blog: The first time I wore lingerie

Today I’m delighted to welcome back ‘Mr Big’, who has previously dropped by to tell us in super-hot detail about the first time he tasted his own spunk. As a big fan of ‘firsts’, I’m delighted that he’s got another one to share – the first time he wore lingerie. While I have a little men-in-panties content on this blog (including this gorgeous audio porn fishnet story by Floss Liddell), I could definitely do with more posts that focus on the hotness of sexy underwear, especially now I have a brand new site sponsor – BrandX Intimates – who make gorgeous kinky lingerie. This story has both the joy and nervousness that comes with discovering a brand new kinky thing. Enjoy!


What do you say? Thank you

Note: I wrote this one quite a while ago, and it happened even longer ago. 

His flat is filled with mirrors, which is helpful for two people who really love watching ourselves fuck. He plays Massive Attack at just the right volume, which is great for two people who really like fucking to Massive Attack. And as I hold myself up on the corner of the kitchen counter, one foot planted on the surface and another on the shelf nearby, holding my cunt at the perfect height for him to slam his cock home, he growls: “What do you say?” And I tell him, breathlessly, “thank you.”


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