A sext from the bedroom

My favourite time to fuck is after I’ve emerged from the bath. I step out, dry off, cover my body in lotion or talc, and lie on the bed listening to the tail end of whichever podcast I put on to keep me company while I washed. When it’s nearly finished, I sext…


Sexy link roundup: risky sex, hormones, sex blogging and more

Instead of spending the first paragraph of SoSS beating myself up for not doing it for a while, I’m just going to get stuck in, and include a couple of extra links to make up for it. Check out the sexy link roundup below, and please share the ones you enjoy!


Guest blog: Why do we wear clothes? How I became a nudist

Today’s guest blog is a timely one, because I’m away on holiday and hoping to find a suitably secluded beach to get my kit off on, and try to overcome my fear of being naked in public. The reason for that is thanks to people like @pervy_thoughts, who’s with us today to share a glorious guest blog all about the joys of being a nudist: why it’s fun to swim naked, and how to find nudist/naturist hot spots near you. He’s written another fantastic guest blog here before and I’m delighted he’s returned to share more of his experience. So make a cup of tea, whip off your clothes, and get stuck in…


How to be a sex blogger: busting some myths

What does it take to be a sex blogger? Do you have to be a wildly kinky adventurer, ready to fuck a new person each night and spend your weekend testing new butt plugs? Fuck no. Let’s tackle some common sex blogger myths, and in the process give a vague nod to the fact that this month marks my SEVEN YEAR blogging anniversary.


Genital bodyshaming: your tiny cock and my giant vagina

“She’s fucked so many guys, when we shag it’s like waving a stick in the Albert Hall.”

“Maybe her cunt’s normal and the problem is that toothpick you’re waving.”

Or maybe both dick and cunt are perfectly fine, and the problem is between your ears rather than in your pants. Let’s talk about bodyshaming and genitals.


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