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Floss Liddell has been blogging at since late 2016. Her writing includes personal essays on sex, kink, relationships and sexuality alongside a wide variety of erotica. In 2019 she was awarded the No.1 spot on the Top 100 Sex Blogs. Her blogging mission is to create positive content with a side serving of sexy feels thrown in for good measure.

Far beyond the yellow sea – piss play erotica

This hot piss play erotica is written by Floss Liddell, read here by Girl on the Net. 

The desire is lodged in my chest, a sudden onslaught of need is physically gripping me, I can barely catch my breath and the ache for you is unbearable as I consider you in a way I have never done before. One story was all it took, a story where warm piss fell upon soft skin and my mind raced to thoughts of you, my heart pounding, my want rising, as my debauched little mind begged me to ask this of you.