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Ambit g-spot dildo: half recommendation, half dirty story

There are two threads to the story I want to tell today. The first thread is so obvious it feels almost trite to mention it: I want to tell you about a particularly brilliant g-spot dildo, which stimulates me in a way not many others do. The second thread is about being hand-fucked. Not ‘wanked off’, not ‘masturbated’: being hand-fucked. Sometimes I write fucking stories that are about speed or enthusiasm or energy. I’ll tell you that this or that fuck was intense, or fun, or orgasmic. This fuck, though? This fuck was thorough.


Audio porn: now you can hear sexy stories in a dirty voice

Do you like sexy stories? Do you like people reading you sexy stories in their dirtiest voice? Well, today I launched the audio porn hub: a project I’ve been working on since… oooh, middle of last year. I wanted to start getting some of the sexy stories on my blog live as audio – good for people who are using screenreaders, and also good for people who just prefer their sex aural. Find out a bit more about the audio porn project, and support it on Patreon if you’d like to help me make more.


Breath play in the bath: the water is rising

It takes me six and a half minutes to fill the bath, and less than five minutes to come. This should be easy, right?

This sex story contains references to drowning, breath play and extreme domination.


In praise of the badly-named ‘penile raphe’

Language is important, and words matter. I’ll assume you’re with me this far, because you’re reading a sex blog rather than looking at naughty pictures on one of those other websites I’ve heard about. Words are fucking sexy. They can also be truly appallingly inadequate, and nowhere is this more clear than when trying to describe something hot only to find you have none of the right tools to do it properly. Today I would like your help in renaming one of the sexiest parts of human anatomy: the penile raphe. What exactly is the penile raphe? Allow me to explain.


Sucking him hard: blow jobs from flaccid to erect

He’s on the phone in the living room and I can hear one half of the conversation. I understand about twenty percent of it. The other eighty percent is a delicious mixture of authority, skill, and words I don’t really understand that are directly related to his job. A job which I know he is pretty fucking good at. I boil the kettle. I grind coffee beans. I prepare him a coffee so delicious that when he gets off the phone he’ll acquiesce to my request: please please please can I suck your dick now? He’s in ‘work mode’ and it’s intensely sexy – I want to start from flaccid, and have the joy of sucking him hard.