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Two things: Eroticon ticket pool and watersports

Two things this week features the best sex writing conference in the UK (AKA Eroticon), and how to get a free ticket if you’re strapped for cash. After that, we’ll dive into watersports. Thanks to a leaked dossier, I’m not the only sex writer who’ll be paying January’s gas bill by writing articles about Presidential piss parties.


Two things: No on Prop 60 and romantic blogs

This week’s sex news is going to be partly election-focused, because hey! Some people who visit my blog come from California, and I’d kick myself if I didn’t mention Prop 60. The second part is a gorgeous blog post about a thing I really love that will give you the warm and fuzzies. And then a bonus for those who read all the way to the end.


Best sex blogger lists

Sex site Kinkly has just announced its best sex blogs of 2016 – in an attempt to celebrate great blogging, and introduce you to new sex blogs that you may not have heard of before. The list is a good way to say well done to some of the bloggers who’ve written great stuff this year, spread the love to blogs that may not get noticed elsewhere, and hopefully get more people reading awesome things. However, ranking the best sex blogs is a blunt tool, and there are some problems with the system. After a hell of a lot of chatting about this yesterday, I wanted to write down a few thoughts on blog lists and rankings.

The following post will probably only be of interest to you if you write a sex blog, so if you don’t feel free to let your eyes glaze over or head to today’s other post, for kink of the week, which is way sexier.


Two things: working for free and musical vibrators

Two things this week is going to begin with a hilarious conversation I had with a website owner this week about working for free. Then, when that’s got you good and angry, I will cheer you up with news of a musical about vibrators. There’s also a bonus ‘good thing’ from Erika Lust, if you have an amazing idea for a porn film.


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Porn, age verification and the Digital Economy Bill

I have always said that what I write here is porn. Sometimes it’ll devolve into political rants, but by and large the purpose of this site is to write sexy stories that arouse people. Unfortunately, the UK Government doesn’t like porn, and the Digital Economy Bill – a piece of legislation that is currently before Parliament – will totally change the way in which anyone in the UK watches it. I shouldn’t even really say ‘in the UK’ there, because it will have a huge effect on those of you outside it too.