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Some things I think about dildo-makers Godemiche

Hey gang! I am about to do something which is probably ill-advised, as a result of my emotional attachment. Much like most of the sex stories I tell on this blog, it begins with me liking someone and descends into me making a giant hash out of everything because sometimes I am led by my heart and not my head. I want to talk to you about a UK dildo-making company called Godemiche.


Reasons you should go to Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit

This time last year I was fizzing with excitement because I was on my way to the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit. It’s an incredible event, hosted in Arlington (in America – woo!) each year. Unfortunately I can’t go this year, and it’s making me very sad. So if you’re on the fence about going I thought I’d try and use some of the influence people keep telling me I have to persuade you that it’s totally worth your while.


Sex news: Twitter safe search and NSFW etiquette

Sex news this week: lots of people have been tweeting about Twitter’s safe search, which is now ‘on’ by default for a number of users (including me, which is WEIRD). If you’re following sex bloggers, porn performers, and other people who tweet adult content, here’s a quick guide on how to turn off Twitter safe search, and a little bit of info on NSFW etiquette and my own rules around tweeting sexy pics. As a bonus I’ll also give you some tips on how to support your local neighbourhood sex bloggers/adult content providers who might be getting a little bit downhearted by changes to adult content…


Sex news: ‘sexperiments’ and Eroticon 2018 tickets

Wow, it’s been a while since I last did a sex news update (aka ‘two things‘) – sorry I’ve been a bit off the ball. This week, I wanted to highlight ‘sexperiments’ – those people who write articles about how they’ve made themselves shag every day for a month to save their marriage – and also let you know that tickets for Eroticon 2018 are on sale now. If you are – or want to be – a sex blogger or erotic writer, there’s time to pick up a cheap ticket in advance for next year.


Eroticon 2017: when good people get together

Last night I walked into my flat, dumped a backpack overloaded with swag and very sweaty shirts onto my bed, and then hauled my exhausted body to the bathroom. Everything was weirdly dark, save the flicker of a few candles. On the windowsill my other half had placed a bottle of wine, a glass and a bluetooth speaker blasting ‘We Are The Champions’ by Queen. How does this even happen? What bizarre luck leads to someone doing such a lovely thing, for me?