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Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center: don’t get your hopes up

Young people in the UK are crying out for good sex education, and they’re not alone. Many adults, annoyed by the poor sex ed they received in school, are keen to learn more too. They want to get inclusive, non-judgmental advice and guidance about sex and relationships. So usually I’d welcome any new sex education initiative – the more info people have, the better, right? Well, not necessarily. Let’s talk about the Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center.


Two things: Trump’s travel ban and Trump’s travel ban

Two things this week can focus on nothing other than Trump’s travel ban. No, it’s not sexy. But I cannot think of anything else right now. So here we go.


Heels at work: the conflation of ‘smart’ and ‘pretty’

Sometimes I see an issue pop up in the news and think ‘oh God I can’t be bothered,’ and this week’s discussion about women wearing high heels at work was almost one of them. But then I remembered something an old boss said to me, and the bile rose in my throat so I thought: fuck it. I’m doing this. I’m going to state the massively obvious.


Men explain things to me: examples from 2016

I’m a woman on the internet, so men explain things to me. They’re usually well-meaning. They want to help me out with an issue they have spotted, or give me the lowdown on something they think I should know. However, they also often assume a certain lack of knowledge on my part, around topics that I know already.

At the start of 2016, I started collecting examples. Here are a select few of my favourites.


Two things: Eroticon ticket pool and watersports

Two things this week features the best sex writing conference in the UK (AKA Eroticon), and how to get a free ticket if you’re strapped for cash. After that, we’ll dive into watersports. Thanks to a leaked dossier, I’m not the only sex writer who’ll be paying January’s gas bill by writing articles about Presidential piss parties.