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Guest blog: On feeling small… and cute

If you’ve been here a while, you’ll have met this week’s guest blogger before – back in May she wrote this gorgeously hot account of the sexy experiment that turned out far better than she expected. Now ‘A’ is back to talk about role play, and embracing sexual play that makes her feel small and cute.

Like a few other guest bloggers and kinky folks, A uses ‘Daddy’ as an honorific for her partner, and they role play within that context. They are both well over the age of 18, and aren’t related, but please do be aware before choosing whether to read. 


Guest blog: Tit wanks helped me to love my big boobs

Strap in for this week’s amazing guest blog: Katy is here to talk about tit wanks. I want to give you a proper introduction to Katy, because she’s the awesome creator of the Sexpots Podcast, a weekly chat about all things filthy and fun in which 3 of us (Katy, Bitsy and I) pull random sex topics out of a pot and chat about our experiences with them, and play games that involve us competing to guess obscure kinks. So far we’ve covered such topics as spanking, squirting, anal and a whole host of ‘first times’. During a recent recording, one of the topics that came out of the pot was ‘tit wanks’, and Bitsy and I sat open-mouthed in awe as Katy taught us how to deliver tit wanks with joy and panache. She’s here to share with you the secret, and how tit wanks taught her to love her tits…


Wankonomicon II: Co-op wank, luxury wank and experimental wank

Please welcome back sex toy correspondent Luke aka @Beardynoise! A man who is on a quest to catalogue all possible types of wank spanning the entire human experience. After the roaring success of volume 1 of his Wankonomicon at the start of the month, he is back to give you more detail on new and different types of wank, as well as recommendations for excellent sex toys to use for each one. Today: the co-op wank, luxury wank and experimental wank… 


Guest blog: Bent over the kitchen table

The sun is out, and I don’t know about you but I’m feeling pretty horny. So it’s lovely to have a sexy guest blog about one of my favourite things: being bent over the kitchen table for pervy purposes. Please welcome back regular guest blogger @pervy_thoughts!  And if you enjoy this you may enjoy some of his other guest blogs too – fucking in a fifth wheel, the London Naked Bike Ride and sex after sixty.


The Wankonomicon: Danger wank, business wank and procrasturbation

Please welcome back sex toy correspondent Luke aka @Beardynoise! He dropped by in May to give you the run-down on his favourite ever masturbator – the Tenga Flip Hole – and now I’ve asked him back to offer up some more sex toy recommendations, alongside giving a run-down of different ways to masturbate. Today: the business wank, the danger wank, and procrasturbation…