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Sexy link roundup: risky sex, hormones, sex blogging and more

Instead of spending the first paragraph of SoSS beating myself up for not doing it for a while, I’m just going to get stuck in, and include a couple of extra links to make up for it. Check out the sexy link roundup below, and please share the ones you enjoy!


Guest blog: Why do we wear clothes? How I became a nudist

Today’s guest blog is a timely one, because I’m away on holiday and hoping to find a suitably secluded beach to get my kit off on, and try to overcome my fear of being naked in public. The reason for that is thanks to people like @pervy_thoughts, who’s with us today to share a glorious guest blog all about the joys of being a nudist: why it’s fun to swim naked, and how to find nudist/naturist hot spots near you. He’s written another fantastic guest blog┬áhere before and I’m delighted he’s returned to share more of his experience. So make a cup of tea, whip off your clothes, and get stuck in…


Guest blog: Blow job feedback

For this week’s guest blog I’m welcoming back the fabulous @DivaFoof! She’s written some hot smut for me before, about a deliciously BDSM-y shag that started with a kiss, and if you’d like to hear her sultry, sexy voice she’s also recorded some audio porn of my own post – fuck me like you’re wanking. Today she’s here to share a story about an illicit blow job, which ends with the best kind of blow job feedback…


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Guest blog: Bottom euphoria – fucking as me

I’m really excited about this week’s guest blog, it’s hot and sweet and vulnerable and gorgeous. Please welcome Dissembling Cub, a non-binary trans guy who’s here to share a story about getting fucked for the first time ‘as’ a guy, wearing a double-ended dildo. Sometimes writing sex stories is like performing for people, fucking in a theatre to which anyone can buy a ticket. Other times, like this one, it’s like opening up the bedroom door and letting people peek through into some of the most intimate sexy bits of your life.


Guest blog: The first time I experienced sleepy subspace

This week’s guest blog talks about a sensation I think I might have experienced. I have no solid memories of this happening, but when I read this guest blogger’s post I felt like I was brushing up against this sensation in my mind – like I’m straining to remember the detail of something which happened in a dream. It’s glorious. Please welcome Phoenix Rose, who is here to talk to you about sleepy subspace.