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Kate is a currently retired filth-monger, with twenty years of erotic writing under her belt – proof that you don't always have to write what you know. She knows her way around a Doxy, a penis, and a simile. Her major influences are historical undergarments, baked goods, retro porn, Alan Bennett, and the music of George Formby. She plays the ukulele (badly) and lives in The North(TM). You can buy her books on Amazon, but all the best stuff is available for free on her website

Feedback loop – Sharing his girlfriend

A guy discusses sharing his girlfriend with a friend. This gorgeous erotica, in which a woman fantasises about a guy sharing her, is by Kate. It is read aloud by Girl on the Net.

I once had a daydream that a man I didn’t fancy but wanted to fuck pretty badly, and my partner who I loved more fervently than the moon loves the sun, discussed the quality of my blow jobs behind my back, in the middle of a party.