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Ollie Fox (they/them) is an American blogger and creator of The Queer Earthling, where they write sex toy reviews, erotica, advice, and real-life stories. Being nonbinary and on the asexual spectrum, Ollie is passionate about showing the world that sexuality and relationships don’t have to look like anyone else’s to be joyful and fulfilling. Their erotic works are a mixture of very improbable fantasy, and true stories about their nonsexual kink dynamic. You can find Ollie on their blog and Twitter.

Making it better – nipple clamps and caring kink

This gorgeous caring kink story is written by the Queer Earthling, and originally appeared on their site. It is read aloud here by My Wild Lens. Note that this story contains consensual pain play, nipple clamps, sensation play, kink honorifics including “Daddy,” passing mentions of caregiver-little dynamics, mentions of depression and stress.

Daddy says, “Let’s make it better.” It doesn’t matter what’s wrong, in this story. Maybe I slept badly, maybe I’ve just had a stressful day, maybe my constant low-level depression is creeping in again. But something is wrong, and I can’t quite pull myself out of it.


An unusual device: steampunk orgasm erotica

This gorgeous steampunk orgasm erotica is written by The Queer Earthling and read by Sherryl Blu. Note that this story contains: bondage, fucking machines, and hints of forced orgasm.

It was a cool autumn day in New London when I decided to call upon my friend, whom most knew as the Professor. Well-traveled, slightly eccentric, and exceedingly attractive, the Professor was somewhat famous for their inventions. They often spent hours in their workshop, a private space that none could enter, emerging rarely until they’d produced another of their magnificent creations, which were both spectacular and quite stimulating. These inventions sold, some said, for obscene amounts at private auction, but you would never know it—the Professor just wore their same tweed suit at all times, except for formal occasions, when they might instead don a tuxedo that had been out of fashion for a good five years or so.


The Plague Doctor: a mask, a bullwhip and caring kink

This gorgeous story about caring kink and a Plague Doctor mask is written by The Queer Earthling, and read aloud here by My Wild Lens. Content note: this story features intense impact, COVID-19 mentions, D/s dynamics including “Daddy”, and medical play (kinda).

It’s my metamour’s fault, really. He’s the one who asked Damien to take a picture in their plague doctor outfit, so he could use it as a desktop wallpaper.


The sacrifice – sensual tentacle erotica

This sublime tentacle erotica is by Ollie Fox (The Queer Earthling), read here by Girl on the Net. Note that it contains a tentacle monster, bondage and gags. Note, too, that this story is told in second person, so it puts you in the picture, and while the ‘you’ in the story has no gender, they do have a vulva, and refer to their clit.