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Video game writer and former Japanese translator with a whole heap of sexual proclivities that start somewhere around 'dark' and keep going. He wrote his first piece of erotica during lockdown, and particularly loves to write stories that blend his second love, sex, with his first love, sci-fi and fantasy. You can find his work at Scorpio Appetites over on Wordpress. He would love it if his stories could find a wider audience - it might get him off his arse to write more. And of course he wants what any erotica writer wants: for someone to listen to one of his pieces out of curiosity, and have something awaken inside of them. Is there a greater thrill?

Tributes – fucking a goddess

This fabulous erotic fiction piece about fucking a goddess is written by Scorpio Appetites, it originally appeared on his website and it’s brought to life as audio porn by the wonderful Sherryl Blu

The men climb the path to her cave, seeking to worship her. They carry jars of sweet wine, dark bunches of grapes and cakes that glisten with honey, but her eye is drawn to their sun-warmed shoulders and bright, hungry eyes. She stands in the shadow of smooth sandstone and watches them with tourmaline gaze. She is horned, with skin like shattered marble, but her dark parts beat with human desire and her fingers long to close around the throat of men bound to her pleasure.


Devoured: a night to remember (horror erotica)

Note that this horror erotica contains blood, violence and brief/abstract references to suicidal ideation. Written by the fabulous Scorpio Appetites, it originally appeared on his website and it’s brought to life as audio porn for Halloween by the wonderful Luke

The cash machine was a monument to the departed amid a battleground of empty bottles and polystyrene boxes. Gemma groaned as she stood in a kebab, and managed to get her card in on the fifth or sixth try. She punched in her PIN through muscle memory alone. The lurid display informed her she had £3.47 left in her account. Not even enough for a burger, let alone a taxi.


After hours – fucking the boss

This erotic story about fucking the boss is written by Scorpio Appetites, and read by Girl on the Net. Note this story contains brief use of ‘daddy’ as an honorific.

‘Hey, who’ve I gotta fuck to get another beer over here?’ I smile sweetly at the customer and put another Stella on the counter. I’m wearing a checked shirt tied low enough to show a flash of black bra and as much cleavage as I can muster, and I enjoy feeling his drunken gaze rake over me. I drink his impotent desire like a shot of cheap whiskey. The two feet of bar between us may as well be a trillion miles.


James – fucking your employee

This hot story about fucking your employee is written by Scorpio Appetites, and read by Matt Johnson. 

You notice him right away. How could you not? He works for you but you don’t feel it, not really. He commands any room he enters, his easy wit and broad smile equal parts charming in their sincerity and dangerous in how defenceless they leave you. Every grin seems to be for you. Every time he rubs his neck and his suit strains around his biceps, it seems to be laser-targeted to your pussy. But you’re not stupid – you don’t fuck employees. He’s just an object, something pretty to have around, to be admired and enjoyed on your own terms. He’s a statue. A painting. A lamp.