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Sharyn Ferns is an Australian dominant who has been writing the award-winning femdom blog, Domme Chronicles, for many years. Her goal with her content is not just to share her own BDSM experience and knowledge, but, more broadly, to showcase the beauty of love-based, real-life femdom/malesub relationships. She’s also the author of a wide range of successful femdom books that include hot femdom erotica, ‘How To’ Femdom guides for newbies, and joyful Happy Femdom Stories. If you enjoy the audio porn she has shared here, you can hear many more original audio erotica stories by supporting her over on Patreon.

Convince me – femdom strap on erotica

This gorgeous femdom strap on erotica is written and read by Ferns, and it originally appeared on her website Domme Chronicles

On the floor, hands cuffed, you are cowed, and hurt, and scared. And I am standing over you calling you a fucking bitch and a dirty slut and I have a strap-on that I am forcing into your mouth and down your throat, listening to you gag, with my hand on the back of your head to pull you further onto it, and I know it hurts your mouth, your throat and I hiss at you to look up at me while you choke around it and struggle to breathe and I shove it further down your throat and you try to look up into my face, and you are gagging and that pushes the base against my clit so I shove harder against you.