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Five dicks please: gang bang fantasy fulfilment

This hot bukkake/gang bang fantasy featuring five dicks is written and read by the fabulous Sherryl Blu

Is it wrong to masturbate to thoughts of having five dicks on the go at one time? Does it make me abnormal to want to taste the sweetness of one in my mouth, feel one in each hand, have my pussy pounded by another all whilst being slowly penetrated in my ass by a fifth? And then, to finish up being covered in copious amounts of cum, courtesy of all five cocks?


My craving for big tits

This fabulous piece about fulfilling her craving for big tits is written and read by the brilliant Sherryl Blu

I’d regularly daydream on how amazing it would be to be smothered with a set of juicy size 36DD boobs – that’s 36DD at the minimum! I’d often close my eyes and imagine what it would be like to play with myself whilst being force fed a fully erect nipple.


Deep throating the boss in the printer room

This fabulous erotic fiction about deep throating the boss is written and read by Sherryl Blu. Note that this story plays with boss/employee power dynamics and includes some hints of reluctance.

I didn’t usually find myself in the lift with my boss first thing in the morning. He was either in before me or he came in after lunch. Never would we arrive at the same time. But this morning, it would appear we were synchronised.


Blindfolded and eaten out

This glorious erotica about being blindfolded and eaten out is written and read by the fabulous Sherryl Blu

We’d been hooking up for a couple of weeks and enjoying fucking each other often.


The massage – getting head from her masseuse

This hot, sensual massage story is written and read by the fabulous Sherryl Blu