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Free erotic fiction, written and read by Girl on the Net and guest authors. Whatever you’re into, there’ll be erotic fiction to cater to your tastes, so here is a round-up of the latest stories published on site. Scroll down for erotic fiction audio porn, guest erotica and lots more.

Free erotic fiction: audio porn

  • In which he tells me a sexy story…

  • Halloween erotica: Truly, madly, deeply

  • The wedding night fuck: a NSFW story

  • First time rimming: he wants to worship her ass

  • Guest blog: How I fell in love with GoneWildAudio

  • MMF fantasy: watching both of their faces

  • Revenge fuck: I’ll see you again when I’m dripping with diamonds

  • Sex once a week: We only fuck on Sundays

  • Fucking is forbidden: you can beat me but you can’t fuck me

  • Erotic fiction: the woman behind the porn cinema

  • Phone sex: the conference call fuck

  • 10 wank fantasies to inspire you this Masturbation Month

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Erotic fiction: written stories + blogs

  • Guest blog: Mummy role play

  • Eroticon anthology – 99p/99c for a limited time

  • Do I have a smoking fetish?

  • Breath play in the bath: the water is rising

  • “Sin” – a dirty sex story inspired by lipstick and @sexblogofsorts

  • Threesome director: Teach this stranger how to fuck me

  • Guest blog: The suit fetish… *swoon*

  • Halloween erotica: Truly, madly, deeply

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Group of horny guys drink beer and crowd round a woman in the middle on her knees sucking them off
Image by the fabulous Stuart F Taylor

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Image by the spookily brilliant Stuart F Taylor

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