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Molly Moore is the writer of the successful sex blog, Her blog is marriage of words and self portrait images and most of her writing is based on her own experiences and contains strong autobiographical content. She is the founder of Sinful Sunday; a project to encourage bloggers to have fun with their cameras creating erotic images and, Kink of the Week; a bi-weekly blogging meme about all the kinks you can think of and some you can't. She is also the Director of Operations of Eroticon which is an annual conference held in London for Adult Content Creators.You can also listen to her on her podcast The KissCast where she interviews all sorts of other sexy content creators.

I want you to fuck me with my knickers on

This delicious story about asking to get fucked with knickers on is written and read by the fabulous Molly Moore, and originally appeared on her website. 

“Stop” he says. “What are you doing?”

“Taking my knickers off,” I reply over my shoulder.

“Well don’t,” he responds and I can hear the slight husk in his throat that tells me he means it. I stop what I am doing. Straightening the lace back over my hips and bum, I then turn to face him.


Tentacles: Ravished in the cave by the sea

This glorious fantasy story is written and read by Molly Moore, and originally appeared on her website – MollysDailyKiss. Note that this story contains elements of non consensual kidnap and dubious consent that turns into consensual non consent/ravishment. It contains fear and terror, creature/human sex, tentacles, and copious amounts of jizz.

Why did I do it? Like so many things that we do on impulse, in a fit of madness it seemed like a good idea at the time. Now, as he guided me into the cave, I was not so sure.


A butt plug story: “Such a little prick tease”

This stunningly filthy butt plug story is written and read by Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss, and originally appeared on her website. 

“When was the last time you wore this?”

I glance back over my shoulder. He is holding up the blue glass to the light, turning it one way and the other, studying it. He senses my eyes on him and turns his attention to me, an expectant look his face as he waits for my reply.


Needy bitch: Show me how desperate you are

This gorgeously filthy story about being a needy bitch is written and read by Molly of MollysDailyKiss.

“Needy bitch,” he croons at me. I pout in response but the truth is he is right. I am needy… or at least my cunt is.


One more week: Dirty little cum slut

This story, in which you are a dirty little cum slut getting dressed down (and fucked) by a dominant partner, is written by Molly Moore and read by Stephen Carling. Note that this story plays heavily on the idea of you being used even though you’re feigning reluctance. As such it touches on consensual non-consent, and includes some humiliation and degradation.

Take off your dress. Slowly. There’s no need to hurry, slut. You’ll get what you deserve, all in good time…