Champagne and Lust 1: exhibitionism at the hotel

Image by the always fantastic Stuart F Taylor

This is part one of a gorgeous threesome story written and read by SpenPErotica. To whet your appetite, a little exhibitionism in the lift at the hotel…

The message you had sent me earlier had me intrigued. ‘Room 1285. Hurry, I have a present for you…’

My taxi laboured along the city streets, every set of lights against me as the sweet anticipation inside me threatened to succumb to the frustration of not being with you already. There are alcohol-fuelled revellers pouring out of clubs and bars into the streets and onto the roads, holding my journey up further. Expletives are offered by the driver and ignored by everyone. I don’t want anything interrupting my thoughts. Thoughts of you. Thoughts of what you could have possibly got me. Memories of how you smell, the way you move, how you taste, the feel of being inside your mouth, at the back of your throat and squeezed in to your tight, wet, quivering cunt…

A thud pulls me from my nocturnal daydream. The taxi has clipped a pedestrian’s foot from what I can make out of the argument. I don’t have time for this shit, I think, and with a muted ‘cheers mate,’ I deposit a note on his passenger seat and exit the cab. A quick look around tells me I’m only a short walk away from the hotel. It’s slightly off the beaten track, but still in the city centre. As always, you’ve hidden us in plain sight. The fear of being recognised in a small city en route to a rendezvous is always there, but it only adds to the excitement and flavour of the evening.

The hotel is dark and indulgent. Red hues and deep purple furnishings line the lobby, almost willing the debauched in, like a runway to the forbidden. This hotel was built with one purpose in mind and I intend to indulge that purpose tonight with you and whatever gift awaits me.

I enter the mirrored lift with a young couple who are obviously here for the same reason I am. Pleasantries are exchanged and required buttons pressed. They move to face away from me, lost in each other. His body pressed in to the rear of hers, his hands on her stomach, his lips on her neck, her eyes on me in the mirror. I should look away but can’t. She stares at me and smiles as she exposes a pert breast and moves his fingers to her nipple. She gasps as he pinches her sensitive, pierced flesh, never breaking her gaze but to signal where I should look next.

I follow her mirrored line of sight to the hitched-up skirt bundled around a slender waist and see fingers circling the outside of red lace panties. I look back at her eyes. They are full and wanton, as is her smile. Her eyes close with pleasure and she lets out a stifled moan as his hand joins hers inside the dampened red lace. Her scent fills the lift and my already erect cock pulses a little faster, grows fuller and wider. I look away to check the lifts progress. A few more floors to go. Damn. I could happily watch this all night… I turn back to find she’s now facing me, embraced with her lover, his face still buried in the nape of her long neck. She looks at me deeply. She smiles a wickedly toothy grin and mouths a single word:


She drops to her knees and pushes her lover against the back wall of the elevator. He opens his eyes, sees me and shrugs. He’s either too drunk to care or he’s a massive extrovert. Either way, his cock is exposed, and twitches in front of her face. It strains at the warm breath in front of it. It lifts as she lightly flicks her tongue at it. It disappears as she takes the full length in to her mouth and down in to her throat. He moans as she swallows against the tip of his cock, the guttural sound of her throat muscles working against his flesh drowning him out. She slowly releases him, chains of saliva hanging between his shaft and her ruby red lips. She collects them in her hand and spreads them over his dick and looks me squarely in the face.

“Your turn,” she says, matter-of-fact, still working the cock in her hand. For a brief second I contemplate whether she means it’s my turn to receive or my turn to give. The ping of the lift signals my floor. I tell her:

“Another time perhaps,” and back out of the elevator cab as she sighs her disappointment. The last thing I see of them is her full lips enveloping his cock-head as the lift doors shut.


It’s a few seconds of disbelief mixed with arousal before I can remember why I’m here: ‘Room 1285. I have a present for you.’

I find the room, the Do Not Disturb proudly placed on the door handle and annotated with ‘…under any fucking circumstance!’

I knock. You open the door, not showing yourself. The lights are dim, the music is low and bass-driven. You are in your finest Agent Provocateur lingerie. We say hi and embrace. I kiss you deeply, enough to convey that I have been dying to see you for as long as I can remember. Something is different though. You taste different. It’s a mix of champagne and something I can’t quite put my finger on… I dismiss the notion as I begin to tell you about the lift experience. You raise a finger to my lips.

“Ssssh. Tell me later. I have something to show you.” I’m led in to the room, the heady scent of sex filling my senses.

“Hi!” says an unfamiliar voice as I round the corner. Laid naked on the huge round bed is a woman I’ve never met before, and who I suspect you have only met this evening. “It’s about time you showed up. We’ve been restless waiting for you. Hi. I’m ‘Red’” she says as she shuffles over to shake my hand, her long fiery hair falling over her full breasts. I am speechless and just nod, looking over at you with a million questions in my eyes.

You smile and move over to us, your hand gliding over our guests back and down to her arse. Nothing more is said as I am undressed by you both, giggling with each other, fuelled by champagne and lust, kneeling in front of me, trying to decide between you who will taste me first…


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