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JM Seaborn is a tall and geeky bald man from London who writes stories about a fictional kinky couple on Twitter @JMSeaborn and his new website: Written in Kink (@WrittenInKink on Twitter). When not writing about this couple and their D/s dynamic, you will see him waste his platform complaining about the Tories, talking about Superman, or overthinking movies. He's working on a book and maybe more audio stories, so stick around!

The wishlist: He fulfils her ravishment fantasy

This fabulous ravishment fantasy is written and read by JM Seaborn, and originally appeared on his website. Note that it contains elements of consensual non-consent, and the use of ‘Daddy’ as an honorific. Everyone in this story is a consenting adult. 

“There is a list,” she whispered. I almost didn’t hear her. She said it after a long and gorgeous kiss. She said it just as my teeth were sinking into her throat. I didn’t ask what she meant. I knew she was answering a question from an hour ago.


Legs – an ode to why I’m a leg man

This fabulous piece about being a ‘leg man’ is written and read by JM Seaborn of Note that this story contains use of ‘Daddy’ as an honorific – all participants are over 18. 

Give them to me in tights and heels after a long day of work. Then, the moment you open the door, I’ll lift you off the ground, rip your underwear, bite your neck, and fuck you through the wall until you can’t even remember your boss’ name.


The party: making your ex jealous

This fabulous story is written and read by JM Seaborn. I couldn’t work out how to categorise it, but it touches on a fantasy that I imagine quite a few people will have had, leaning in to the idea of making your ex jealous by fucking a new partner. Note that this story contains use of the words ‘Daddy’ and ‘Babygirl’ during kink. All characters in the story are over the age of 18.

It’s a busy house party and you’re nervous for two reasons. 1. Your ex is going to be there. 2. This is the first time your friends will meet Daddy.


Bound: bratty sub erotica

Note that this bratty sub erotica contains elements of consensual non-consent, and the use of ‘Daddy’ as an honorific. All characters in this fictional story are over the age of 18. It is written and read by JM Seaborn of WrittenInKink

Sometimes, when I tie her up, she accepts it with serenity. Only her widening smile and hardening nipples betray the chaos inside her. Outwardly, she is the docile sub, preparing to be used.


“Fuck me while I’m asleep” – dormophilia erotica

This gorgeous dormophilia erotica is written and read by JM Seaborn, with brief audio additions by Girl on the Net. Note that this story contains a hot, consensual fantasy about sleep sex (dormophilia). You should not practice this kind of sex without doing the important groundwork – discussing consent (as well as methods to withdraw it) with your partner.

“I want you to fuck me while I’m asleep.” That’s what she had said. The phrase floated in front of my eyes as I looked at her. She lay still, her skin accented by the new light. Her breathing was slow and deep, telling me that that she was, without a doubt, unconscious.