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Sexy link roundup: spanking, menstrual cups and Sophia Loren

This week’s sexy link round up features just three things. One erotic, one practical, and one just plain fun. Read some other great writers on spanking, menstrual cups, and an archive interview with Sophia Loren. And then (because it’s Share Our Shit Saturday) please share the posts you enjoy!


Porn… in just a minute

If you’re not familiar with the BBC Radio 4 programme Just A Minute then this post is going to seem a bit weird. The rules are that panelists must speak for as long as they can on a certain subject without repetition, hesitation or deviation. And although I don’t have a panel of fellow pornographers with whom to play this game verbally, I thought it might be fun to give it a go when writing erotica.


Gang bang with a twist: round two

Where was I? Oh yes: in the centre of a circle of eager, horny men, taking part in a competitive gang bang. My ass is lubed up with the spunk of the first guy who fucked me, and I’m catching my breath before round two.

This is the second in a two-part story. Read the first part – competition – then pop back here for the finale. 


Come in your pants while I think about Crossrail

This story was written after someone asked me about making guys come in their pants. I’d tweeted about it recently, and they were curious as to how someone could make this happen. I think my answer is that it’s all in the preparation and build-up. So I wanted to write something which gives the build-up, and the context. Then I got a bit carried away.

This erotic story combines two of my greatest loves: making guys come in their pants and… Crossrail. Sure, it involves descriptions of masturbation and anal sex, and a secret hand job at the back of a lecture theatre. But at its heart it’s a love letter to Crossrail. The non-human love of my life.


Guest blog: Smutathon – dirty stories for two good causes

I have a BONUS guest blog for you today, courtesy of the fab sex blogger The Other Livvy. She’s teaming up with some other sex bloggers for a ‘Smutathon’ – writing dirty stories for two excellent charitable causes.