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Spite fuck: fuck me while you beg for forgiveness

This is the next post in a series of erotic fiction about emotional fucks, where I’m having fun writing fictional characters who do filthy-hot things that may or may not be very ethical. This post involves a character fantasising about a spite fuck. Her fantasy involves things that – if they actually happened in real life – would certainly not be consensual. If that’s not your cup of tea, please don’t read on, but if you like sex stories that include twisted revenge and powerful anger, get stuck in.


Experiential erotica: battling anxiety to try out mindful audio porn

I love audio porn, but I’m a very fidgety and anxious person. So when I listened to erotica that began with guided meditation, I was worried I might not make it past the first five minutes. But can I get over my anxiety if there’s erotic joy at the end of it? Here’s what happened when I tried experiential erotica…


Principle fuck: Let me envelop your dick

Let me envelop your dick. Submerge it inside me, like I’m slipping you into a warm bath. When I look at you, this is all I want: everything else would be too active on your part. I need to fuck you like I need to stroke your brow with a cool cloth, and whisper soothing words into your ear.


Revenge fuck: I’ll see you again when I’m dripping with diamonds

The problem with writing a non-fiction blog is that sometimes the characters can get boring. I really like the guy I fuck, so I can’t really sink my teeth into stories that have darker emotions attached. So recently, on a bit of a holiday from my normal blogging, I wrote a whole bunch of erotic fiction pieces based on different kinds of fuck. Hate fucks, pity fucks, spite fucks and so on. This one is a revenge fuck.


Halloween erotica: Truly, madly, deeply

It’s that time of year again, in which I get to let my inner creepy goth out and write some Halloween erotica. Last year I did sex with zombies, the previous year it was a succubus (sort of), and this year – thanks to suggestions and ideas from some lovely people on Twitter – I’m tackling a creature from the deep. If you’d prefer to listen rather than read, it’s also available as audio – click ‘listen now’ above, or head to the audio porn page if you’d like to hear more sexy stories read aloud. I’m always a bit nervous and uncertain about writing fiction, but these Halloween erotica pieces are always a genuine pleasure to write, so I hope I can manage to give you a creepy shiver or two.

Content note: this story is written for Halloween, and is designed to be a tale of creepiness with a bit of sex thrown in. As a result it contains some themes that you might find disturbing: references to drowning, self-harm and suicidal ideation.