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Spencer Pritchard (he/him/his) is a bicurious erotic writer. He likes to write short form erotica with a love of cunt worship, group sex and jizz. You can find his gorgeous work on as SpenPritchardErotica and follow him on Twitter @SpenPErotica.

Precipice: kinky edging erotica

This stunning kinky edging erotica is written and read by Spencer Pritchard

Sharp ropes bite into my wrists with every involuntary squirm of my body. The stiff back of the chair that my hands are tied behind pushes my straining biceps. Every muscle in my body is taut. Aflame with the constant pressure of being kept on the edge of coming.


The grind: Dominant facesitting

This gorgeous piece about dominant facesitting is written by Spencer Pritchard and read by Stephen Carling. 

I’m usually the fuck-er, not the fuckee. Generally speaking, I set the pace of our fucking. Of the strokes of my dick with my hips, egged on by your whimpers and moans, emboldened by your body reacting to mine. I like to be ‘in charge’. To have a handful of your hair as you swallow the tip of my stiff cock, guiding your rhythm and occasionally holding you in place whilst I tell how how much of a good girl you’re being. To hold your wrists behind your back, your face buried in the tangled sheets as I slowly push myself past your glistening folds. To wrap the fingers of one hand around your slender neck as I furiously fuck you with the other, splashing us both with your gushing lust as the pressure builds behind your eyes.

It’s not often that I get to be fucked.


Summer Rain: romantic outdoor sex in a downpour

This fabulous erotic fiction piece about romantic outdoor sex is written by Spencer Pritchard, and read aloud by Luke

Your train pulls up to the platform and those butterflies in your stomach, subdued by the inevitable delays, suddenly leap back in to life and begin their merry dance again. Will I be on the platform, waiting with a crass sign in hand, your pseudonym bold black tarnishing the virginity of the white card it’s printed on? Will I be sat outside in a hire car, listening to the radio and only notice you stood there after 5 long minutes? Will I have got tired of waiting for the late train to arrive and headed to the small lochside bungalow alone, leaving you to make your own way, each one of the thousands of butterflies slowly dying as the seconds pass on the long journey?


Kept in the dark: BDSM cuckolding erotica

This gorgeous erotic fiction piece is written by Spencer Pritchard, and read aloud here by Matt Johnson. Note that this BDSM cuckolding erotica contains consensual power play, and uses the word ‘slave’ within a kink context.  

I can feel the fabric pulled tight across my eyes. Anticipation making my fingers twitch as I fight the urge to lift the blindfold before you command me to, your last words still sat in my ears: “Do not remove that until I tell you too, or else you won’t get your treat.”


All in hand – masturbation erotica

This stunning masturbation erotica is written by Spencer Pritchard, and read by Luke

I study your portrait and read your words with breathless anticipation. Study every letter and imagine them rolling off your tongue, dancing from your sultry mouth to the erotic Southern Hemisphere cadence of your voice, showering me in their implied filth.