Guest illustrations (NSFW)

These illustrations are by fabulous guest artists – click each image to find links to more of their work.

I commission guest art occasionally when Stuart (who does the regular SFW and NSFW illustrations) is away on holiday or busy with his other brilliant work. If you’d like to be considered as a guest illustrator, contact me with your rates and links to your work.

I am hugely grateful to the amazing guest illustrators whose work graces these pages. One of the things I am really keen to do on the blog is show a variety of sexy scenarios, along with a variety of different body types. One of the disappointing things about the landscape of our sexual media is how many photos/illustrations show a limited definition of what counts as ‘sexy’. This ends up feeding in to a narrow view of who can be ‘sexy’, reinforcing gender norms, unrealistic body ideals, and all manner of other stuff. You can read a bit more about this in a blog post I wrote about what ‘sexy’ is, according to Google.

I’m really keen to show a whole range of sexiness on these pages. If you think you can help broaden the scope, especially with images that show fat people, gender non-conforming people, men as the objects of sexual desire, people of all races, and any other images which show the breadth and scope of human bodies and sexiness. If you are keen to do some guest illustration for this site, please do get in touch using the contact details above with a link to your portfolio and your rates.