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What anal sex feels like (in probably too much detail)

Have you ever seen a mother cat pick her kitten up by the scruff of the neck? Docile and vulnerable, the kitten instantly stops whatever it was doing, its limbs go all floppy, and it turns into an adorable mess. If you want to know what anal sex feels like, picture me as the kitten and your rock-solid dick as that firm grip on the scruff of my neck.


First time rimming: he wants to worship her ass

This week’s blog is a bit of a special one, because it came out of a request from a lovely Patreon, who asked me if I could write something about rimming. As it was a custom story, I wouldn’t usually publish it here, but they kindly gave me permission to share it with you. This means I get to share a story that was super-fun to write, as well as a bit of a challenge. I don’t usually write much about rimming because I don’t have a lot of personal experience of it, so I decided to write about first time rimming and the hotness of working your way into the headspace of someone else’s kink. It also means I get to not-so-subtly hint that you should totally support me on Patreon if you like my work and can afford to chip in a bit to keep me going. It’s here in audio as well as text, because I really like saying ‘worship her ass’ out loud.


Guest blog: I love giving rimjobs

This week’s guest blog, by Luke, needs almost no introduction, save a brief note to let you know it is about rimjobs, and say that when I read it I had to go and lie in my bunk for a very long time indeed. It is hot as fuck, and helped me understand the sexiness of eating ass in a way I had not fully comprehended until now. Enjoy.


On being grabbed – the hottest way to grab my arse

I’m sure I’m not the only person who goes through sexual phases. One week I’ll be all about mutual masturbation – vigorously rubbing a guy’s cock while I push my tits into his face, and twitching as he matches my speed and pressure stroke-for-stroke on my own clit. At other times nothing will satisfy me except a doggy-style fuck – arse in the air, back arched, and face pressed down onto the mattress as he pounds me with a quick, rapid force. But my current phase has been with me for over a month and shows no immediate signs of abating any time soon. Right now I like being grabbed, in a very specific place. I’m going to tell you the hottest way to grab my arse.


On buttsex

UPDATE 2018: The story I tell here is something that I found deeply hot and that was 100% consensual and happened with a guy I trust very much. We have a dynamic that includes some consensual non-consent (i.e. pretending that I don’t want something even if I do), and as a result we have very specific ways in which I’ll let him know if something is genuinely not what I want). Essentially, saying ‘no’ in a voice that sounds like ‘yes.’ However, this blog post was written a long time ago when I didn’t know how to explain that very well, and as a consequence lots of people thought it was disturbing or genuinely non-consensual. 

If you enjoy consensual non-consent, you might enjoy this post. If you don’t, please don’t read on.