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My lesbian adventure (part 1): I want to taste you

This gorgeous fictional lesbian adventure story is written by Isabelle Lauren, and originally appeared on her website. It is read here by Carolyna Luna.

By the time I make it through customs I’m a nervous wreck. This was a bad idea. Meeting a random stranger I met on the internet for a weekend of no-consequences fun. I mean, I used to do that when I was in university, but that was twenty years ago. I’m a lot older now – and my body bears the marks. Of course it’s insanity to travel halfway across the world to be fucked by a stranger. But she’s not just a stranger. We’ve been chatting online for a year and she has become a close friend. There’s no one I’d rather have my first lesbian adventure with than her.


Guest blog: My first orgasm with a neovulva

Regular readers will know how much I love a good ‘first time’, in fact I have a tag right here on the blog for it: check out the kickass variety of first times people have shared, from first threesomes to first prostate orgasms and first time visiting a strip club, I adore hearing about those moments of sexy discovery. And if they come with detailed orgasmic descriptions, even better. So imagine how over the moon I was to hear from this week’s guest blogger, Star, who offered to share a pretty fucking special first time of her own: her very first orgasm with a neovulva! Take it away Star…


Oral assessment – he teaches her some BJ tricks

This erotic fiction in which a guy enlists a stunt cock to help him teach another friend some BJ tricks is written and read by Euphemise This

Danya was excited to be back at uni for her final year, even though she knew that there probably wouldn’t be as much time for extra-curricular activities if she wanted to get a first. After unpacking, she headed to the kitchen to make herself a coffee but couldn’t face her housemates’ poor taste in instant so messaged Nate to see if he fancied meeting at Starbucks for a pumpkin spiced latte and a summer’s worth of gossip.


Guest blog: Why I love giving blowjobs (despite everything)

If there’s a topic on which I’m likely to bond with almost anyone in the world, it’s suckjobs. Take note, lest you and I are ever stuck in a lift together and need to make smalltalk for a few hours till the fire brigade comes, opening with ‘I love giving blowjobs, how about you?’ will guarantee we fill the time without ever needing to mention how the weather’s been lately. This week’s guest blogger has this in common too – JD loves giving blowjobs, and is here to explain in delicious and sexy detail exactly what’s so hot about them. Sadly, as a bisexual AMAB person (AMAB = assigned male at birth), in order to indulge in their love of cocksucking, JD has had to put up with a hefty amount of biphobia and other fuckery from the people whose dicks they’re sucking. Here today with the perfect blend of ‘horny content’ and ‘important education on how not to be a cock when you’re getting your dick sucked’, they explain…


I want to hold your head so he can fuck your face

This fabulous fantasy about having someone hold you so another person can fuck your face is written by On Queer Street and originally appeared on his website. It’s read here by Girl on the Net. Note that it includes femdom with teasing and/or mind-fucking.

I play with your hair in public. My hand is on the back of your neck, possessively; you’re hyper-aware of my fingers, twisting through your soft curls. To anyone else it would look like a gesture of casual affection, but you know it’s a subtle display of my dominance. Your dick knows it too, already hard in your jeans. You shift uncomfortably, trying to distract yourself from your arousal and focus on the conversation around us.