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Using him like a sex doll: FFM erotica

Sometimes I ask my Patreons for ideas for stories, and other times they drop me messages to make specific requests. Erotica is a weird thing, though, and so often when I try to write to one request, the story goes in a weird direction that I never really intended. This one was written with two things in mind: one, a message from someone asking for more stories involving two women; two, a shoutout I did for the hottest thing someone had ever said to them. What came out was not what I intended, but those two things in combination gave me a vivid fantasy about two women in love, using one of their exes like a sex doll, so I wrote this FFM erotica to get it out of my head and onto the page and (hopefully) into your pants, to tingle there delightfully…


Guest blog: My first MMM threesome

Sandwiched between Christmas and New Year, this week is one of my favourites. And what better way to celebrate the lovely Christmas/New Year sandwich than with a super hot guest blog, which ‘The Horny Roundhead’ described to me in his pitch as ‘the meat in the sandwich.’ He’s here to tell you, in explicit and glorious detail, about how he came to have his first MMM threesome.


Guest blog: Weird wank – I control his dick

I love it when people tell me about unique, sexy concepts that haven’t occurred to me before: a new way to control a submissive, a new sex trick, a cool atmosphere they managed to conjure during a shag. This week’s anonymous guest blogger has exactly that – an unusual and kinky arrangement, which he’s loosely titled the ‘weird wank’. Before we start I want to let you know that he has sought permission from the guy he does this with, who’s happy for him to write about their dick-controlling antics. Enjoy!


Fantastic guest blogs of 2015 – part 2

It’s sunny and warm and lovely, so I’m going to assume you’re all looking for some interesting/fun/sexy stuff to read while you relax in the shade somewhere eating an ice cream. And if that’s what you’re after, you’re in luck: here’s the next in my series highlighting great guest blogs from the archive. Today we’re going all the way back to 2015, when we were all three years younger, and a whole lot of horrible stuff hadn’t happened yet.  (more…)

Guest blog: Discovering my sexuality

This fantastic guest blog is written by a brand new sex blogger – Quinn! Quinn goes by @OnQueerStreet on Twitter (and here on Patreon too!), and blogs about a whole bunch of sexy things. I was totally honoured that Quinn wanted to contribute a guest blog to me, and delighted that it explores so much of hir internal wonderings on sex, sexuality and identity.