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Devoured: a night to remember (horror erotica)

Note that this horror erotica contains blood, violence and brief/abstract references to suicidal ideation. Written by the fabulous Scorpio Appetites, it originally appeared on his website and it’s brought to life as audio porn for Halloween by the wonderful Luke

The cash machine was a monument to the departed amid a battleground of empty bottles and polystyrene boxes. Gemma groaned as she stood in a kebab, and managed to get her card in on the fifth or sixth try. She punched in her PIN through muscle memory alone. The lurid display informed her she had £3.47 left in her account. Not even enough for a burger, let alone a taxi.


The scent of period blood makes me horny

There, I said it. And I apologise in advance, because usually I like to lean in to Halloween a little at this time of year – write a story in which I try to scare you. Something about zombies or werewolves or vampires or sirens luring unsuspecting humans into bringing them fresh prey. But this year, my plans for a story about sex-hungry ghosts or demonic possession went awry. Something malevolent took up residence in my brain, its claws embedded firmly in the part that deals with writing, refused to let me conjure one of those stories. So instead you get this: a pretty standard blog post about why the scent of period blood makes me really horny.

CN: this post contains blood, violence and some elements of non-consent. No men were harmed in the writing of it.


Demonised – Hot supernatural erotica

This supernatural erotica, by sex blogger Ella Scandal, originally appeared on her website. It is read aloud here by Leo DiLuca

She’s bound by chains made of shadow. They’re coiled around her ankles and her wrists. Twisting and intertwining, crossing over and through each other until they reach their respective rings around her collar. Holding her, grounding her, controlling her. Each link insubstantial, incorporeal. Indestructible.


Halloween erotica: Predator

Despite spending most of my life grumpy about the idea of dressing up or having to open my front door to strangers, I’ve started to really look forward to Halloween each year. Mostly because I get to have a bit of fun and write a silly, scary, weird bit of Halloween erotica. It’s a nice challenge to try and take a traditional monster and stick them in a sexual context, and also I’m a bit of a goth so I just like getting to do stuff that involves horror. Last year it was a siren, the year before a zombie, who followed a succubus. This year, I thought I’d have a crack at vampire.

The following story contains things you might find disturbing: stalking, slutshaming, blood, and death. If that isn’t your cup of tea, check out some less creepy erotic fiction here. But if you enjoy that sort of thing, read below or click ‘listen now’ above to hear it read as audio porn.  


Fuck me till my nose bleeds

As you can probably tell from the title, this post is going to involve blood so please do look away now if that’s not your thing. It also features a picture which, if you did not know the entirely consensual and sexy context, might be shocking. So before you click or scroll down, understand that the nosebleed is not the result of violence, and I’m only writing about it because the guy who features here managed to turn something as mundane as a nosebleed into the perfect climax to a BDSM fuck, and I thought some of you might appreciate the filth of it. Ready? OK.