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Guest blog: Fuck the patriarchy, let’s get laid

It’s always exciting to introduce a brand new guest blogger, and today’s even more thrilling for me because this guest has recently launched a blog of her own! Say hi to @goddessdeeva, who runs the INGENIOUSLY titled Duct Tape and Daddy Issues, which you should check out if your appetite is whetted by this fabulously fuck-hungry and politically powerful guest piece – about attitudes to sex and why it’s important to question the dodgy messages we’re given about it.


Legs – an ode to why I’m a leg man

This fabulous piece about being a ‘leg man’ is written and read by JM Seaborn of WrittenInKink.com. Note that this story contains use of ‘Daddy’ as an honorific – all participants are over 18. 

Give them to me in tights and heels after a long day of work. Then, the moment you open the door, I’ll lift you off the ground, rip your underwear, bite your neck, and fuck you through the wall until you can’t even remember your boss’ name.


Always be prepared: hooking up with a hottie

This beautiful true story about hooking up with a hottie is written by Victoria Blisse, and originally appeared on her website. It is read here by Girl on the Net.

When packing for my weekend away, I joked with my hubby about being prepared as I packed a dozen condoms and a full bottle of lube. I didn’t expect sexy times but with ten humans in one house for a celebration, well, the Queen of Smut wanted to be sure any sexy fun times would be catered for.


Guest blog: It turns out I’m not lust-proof

This week’s guest blogger has a happy story. One of those stories which makes me want to hug myself because a stranger found their joy. I’m really delighted to welcome Eddie to the blog, as he tells you how a Twitter crush taught him that – despite the bollocks he’s been fed by society about what might count as ‘desirable’ – he isn’t lust-proof after all.


Rocking the boat – a first date story

This hot first date story is written by Victoria Blisse and read by Sherryl Blu

I met this guy on OK Cupid, we chatted a while then decided to meet. The first date went well, when I found the location of it… he was charming, sweet and gorgeous and I, well, you all know I’m a delight. The only problem was the café/bar we met at was closing for a private event less than an hour after we arrived.