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My people give me superpowers

Alone, I am no one and nothing. Anxious and vulnerable and desperate for love. Insecure and needy and truly, truly foolish. Left to my own devices I would probably never make difficult decisions. Let’s face it, I might not be capable of getting out of bed. But I can do even the hardest things because I have great people beside me. My people give me superpowers: you give me superpowers.


Guest blog: The last time we fucked

This week’s guest blogger got in touch because he knew I had a thing for guest blogs about ‘first times‘ – first threesomes, first time going to a sex shop, first time pegging, etc. He asked if maybe I’d be interested in a last time story – about the fuck you have when you know something’s over, and you want to make one more good memory. Fuck yeah, I do. This week’s gorgeous guest blog is by Chris Avalon, about an intense, sexy and bittersweet last time fuck.


Love is not dead because two people fell out of it

If my other half is beside me when I die at the age of ninety, it will come as quite a surprise. Not just surprising that I’ll have lived until ninety, which is unlikely given my lifestyle. It will come as a surprise that we haven’t yet split up.


Guest blog: who gets the sex toys after a break up?

Today’s guest blog covers a topic I’ve wrestled with in the past: who gets custody of the sex toys when you split up with someone? It’s not just a financial wrangle – although with the price of some high-end toys it certainly can be – but the emotion involved in things you’ve used and loved together. It’s an utterly gorgeous post, and I’m delighted to be able to bring guest blogs back with something so lovely – please welcome this week’s guest blogger Nic.


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Guest blog: The poly break-up that never was

Blog removed at the author’s request.