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Guest blog: Non-monogamy during Coronavirus

Lockdown fucking sucks for so many people, and I recognise my own luck in being able to weather the pandemic trapped in a house with someone I love, despite their occasional adventures in finding new ways to drive me up the wall. But how do you deal with non-monogamy and Coronavirus? Lockdown living that actively pushes you into monogamy? Today’s guest blogger is Molly Quell, and she’s here to tell you about her experience as a non-monogamous person during Coronavirus.


The best aphrodisiac? Your dirty little secrets

What’s the best aphrodisiac in the entire world? Contrary to opinion, I don’t think it comes in food form. Nor is it based on how you look. It’s not your tits or arse or eyes or even hands. Not the way you walk or your sexy accent or the sounds you make when your dick throbs painfully against the inside of your boxer shorts. The quickest way to turn me on is to tell me your dirty little secrets.


Guest blog: The end of a long-term booty call

It is hard to introduce this week’s amazing guest blog without giving away the ending, but I’m going to try and do it justice. This week, please welcome Zapatica, who is here to tell you a hot, intense story about an ex-dance partner/lover. Regular booty calls, intense sex, total mismatch of interests, and how the whole thing eventually – and rapidly – came to an end.


It’s not weird to keep your ex’s nudes (on one condition)

If there’s one thing more fun that relationship drama on reddit, it’s having a Hot Take on relationship drama on reddit. I am obsessed with not just /r/relationship_advice but also /r/amitheasshole, not just because it’s fun to laugh at assholes but also because they sometimes throw up interesting ethical dilemmas to chew over. Today: is it weird to keep your ex’s nudes/knickers when you break up? Reddit says ‘yes’, I say ‘no’, but on one important condition…


Wrapped around his finger – Fingering porn

This fingering porn, by sex blogger Molly Moore, originally appeared on her site. 

We are out to dinner. It is just the two of us. The restaurant is busy but everyone is preoccupied with their meal and their companions. Nobody pays us two sitting quietly in the corner any mind. The waiter is polite but clearly they are under staffed and so he does not linger at our table. We don’t mind one little bit.