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Two things: porn censors and sex advice

Two things this week – a couple of things you should check out in the world of sex news. The first is an incredible (or incredibly awful) job as a porn censor for the UK Government, the second is a book of sex advice that I have been reading and thoroughly enjoying…


Two things: sex tech hack and Digital Economy Bill woe

Two things this week features one of the most FUN-looking sex tech events I’ve ever seen, as well as a worrying development in the Digital Economy Bill saga, which looks set to royally fuck almost all of us. In a bad way.


Can you get round a porn block?

Do you know how to get round a porn block? If your immediate thought here involved something like a VPN or Tor, then congratulations: it sounds like should your government implement a porn block you’ll have a reasonable idea how to circumvent it. However, can I ask that you please please please stop telling me on Twitter that you how to get around a porn block? Allow me to explain why.


What is ‘porn’, according to MindGeek

As a fan of porn, one of the hardest things to explain to someone who hates it is that it doesn’t all look like the stuff you see on PornHub. Frequently, when I’m debating porn, or reading articles by other people about the damage it can do to society, I come across one or both of these assumptions:

Porn is for men/inherently degrading to women.

I think that this belief is largely shaped and influenced by one particular company. What’s more, I think people who hold this belief tend to be unaware just how influential that company is. Let me tell you a bit about MindGeek.


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Porn, age verification and the Digital Economy Bill

I have always said that what I write here is porn. Sometimes it’ll devolve into political rants, but by and large the purpose of this site is to write sexy stories that arouse people. Unfortunately, the UK Government doesn’t like porn, and the Digital Economy Bill – a piece of legislation that is currently before Parliament – will totally change the way in which anyone in the UK watches it. I shouldn’t even really say ‘in the UK’ there, because it will have a huge effect on those of you outside it too.