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The best aphrodisiac? Your dirty little secrets

What’s the best aphrodisiac in the entire world? Contrary to opinion, I don’t think it comes in food form. Nor is it based on how you look. It’s not your tits or arse or eyes or even hands. Not the way you walk or your sexy accent or the sounds you make when your dick throbs painfully against the inside of your boxer shorts. The quickest way to turn me on is to tell me your dirty little secrets.


Porn with no plot: getting turned on when there’s no story

“What was the plot of that porn, then?” He asks me, twenty seconds after we’ve both come. We’re sitting side-by-side on the sofa, him covered in spunk and me casually discarding the dildo and Zumio I used to get there myself. On the TV the porn scene we were watching still plays: porn with no plot, just a couple of people having a vigorous and sexy shag. He reaches for the controller to switch it off as I try to put into words what ‘the plot of that porn’ really was.


Revelations – Tell me your secret desires

This hot story about secret desires, by sex blogger Molly Moore, originally appeared on her site.

Tell me your secret desires, whisper them into my ear. I want to hear them, in your words with your voice no matter what they are or who they are about. I want to know them, all of them. The dirtier the better, don’t hold back, give me every last droplet of filth that you harbour away inside your brain. Infect me with them.


I don’t know how to dominate you, or do I?

I don’t know how to dominate you, but maybe I’ll begin by taking your face gently in my hands. Then I’ll press my lips against yours to feel their cushion-softness, and whisper ‘get your fucking dick really really hard for me.’


Sexy Christmas fantasies (and help on how to fulfil them)

One of the most popular posts this year was the one on wank fantasies, which I wrote for Masturbation Month. That surprised me because it was mostly just me allowing my dirty mind to spill out a load of random snippets of porn. But seeing as people seemed to enjoy that, I’ve been prompted to do a similar thing this week – write some sexy Christmas fantasies, and in lieu of a Christmas gift guide, give you tips on sponsor products/websites that can help you to fulfil them. Pick your favourite fantasy, have a wank if you’re so inclined, then consider buying someone (or yourself) a Christmas gift or two from the recommendations that come with each story. These fabulous companies sponsor my website, so it’s thanks to them that I can keep churning out more filth for you all – if you’re happy to click through to their sites and support them in return, I really appreciate it.