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Cleaning up her mess: humiliation erotica

This fabulous humiliation erotica, by Floss Liddell, originally appeared on her website. It is read aloud here by Tabitha Rayne

‘It’s frivolous. You’re frivolous. Don’t you realise some us struggle to pay our bills each month.’

The conversation was always the same with Jane, I wouldn’t mind so much if she wasn’t nursing a rather expensive bottle of wine as we spoke, and if there was even truth in the nature of my frivolity.


Tinder Toes: a foot fetish sex story

This foot fetish sex story, by sex blogger and podcaster Sherryl Blu, originally appeared on her website.

I’d sworn off Tinder,

Said I wouldn’t go back on after the last incident

Said it wasn’t worth my energy yet here I was, logged on and swiping away.


Fuckstick adventures: I got fucked with a dildo on a stick

The fuckstick makes him feel powerful, he tells me. A fuckstick, in case you were wondering, is quite literally a dildo on a stick – a fat blue silicone cock moulded, in this case, onto just over a metre of solid wooden handle, with a leather grip at the other end. Thanks to my site sponsors Godemiche for sending me this wand of wonder. It’s a sex toy that invites dominance. It oozes power. The very act of holding it makes his lip curl upwards in a dominant sneer, and allows him the confidence to issue me strict instructions: “Bend over.”


Erotic humiliation: you’re a filthy, cock-hungry slut

You want this? How much do you want it? Enough to humiliate and degrade yourself by begging? Enough that you’ll kneel on the floor naked with your legs and your mouth wide open, tongue hanging out and my spit dripping down your face, whining and weeping and begging me to fuck you? You want humiliation, I’ll give you humiliation – you filthy, cock-hungry slut.