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Accommodator: can double penetration live up to the fantasy?

With one of these you too can be like that dude off Reddit who had two cocks and who i fell in love with a bitAre you ready for a smoking hot double penetration fantasy, combined with a story about the couple who tried to make that DP fantasy come true? ‘Course you are. This is the next post in the Sex Fairies series, in which SexToys.co.uk fulfil people’s requests for cool products, and those people write about them for your entertainment and arousal.

Today’s intrepid poster and her partner had a fantasy about achieving double penetration, and she requested the accommodator dual penetrator (pictured below). I have always fancied trying something like this out myself – it’s a pretty unique kind of strap on, given that it allows the wearer to have two dicks to fuck with. I know, right? Super hot. Read on…