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Guest series: 24 year old virgin (part one)

This is a new thing, and I hope you like it as much as I do. For a while on my guest blog page I’ve had an open call for people to pitch me a series of blog posts dealing with a particular topic. This is the first in a series that does exactly that.
I often get asked whether being a virgin past the average age (whatever the hell it means, or the average age even is) is a turn-off, or something to hide. And given that so many of my ‘first times’ are long behind me, I feel like I’m not the right person to tackle what this is like for people today, or give the kind of first-hand account that I’d like to. So I’m handing over to someone who can. Mary is (or was) a 24 year old virgin, and she’s here to tell you about her journey. Her writing is funny, hot, and she’s brilliantly tackling some of the weird assumptions and taboos we have around ‘virginity’ and sexual experience. This is the first post of three…