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Send nudes: the perfect nude photo

This gorgeous piece about the perfect nude is written and read by Euphemise This, and originally appeared on her website. 

I hadn’t expected this. My request for nude photos had been met with a degree of nervousness and so, after being reassuring for a short while, I let it slide. Not everyone is as comfortable as I am in front of a camera and I know that it’s hard for some people to imagine themselves through the eyes of their lover. No matter how many times someone tells you that you’re hot, believing it enough to get naked and open your phone’s camera can be challenging. So I hadn’t expected to receive a photo. This photo. This perfectly crafted work of art.


Guest blog: How it felt to be photographed fucking

Taking sexy nudes and lewds is nervewracking/exciting enough, but being photographed fucking by an outside party seems like an even more intimate, exhibitionist and downright incredible thing. One of the things I love about Exposing 40’s blog is that in her photography she captures so much of the joy of nudity and sexuality – check out her photos, they’re fabulous. In today’s blog, she’s writing about taking a new step photo-wise though: being photographed fucking for the very first time.

Note: because of Patreon rules, I cannot publish any images on this blog that feature ‘real people having real sex’, so please don’t ask for the pictures – click through using the links in the post to see the stunningly gorgeous shots. 


Guest blog: I had hot online sex, thanks to Lewis Hamilton

For libel reasons, I’m gonna front-load the intro here by pointing out that this week’s guest blogger, Sheebaby, did not have sex with actual Lewis Hamilton. But sometimes you bond with someone over a hobby or shared interest – in this case Formula One – and in Sheebaby’s case that bond led to some seriously hot online sex…

Content note: this post contains brief use of the term ‘daddy’ as an honorific.