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What’s in a name? Robyn’s magical mouth…

This fantastic essay about putting things in your mouth is written and read by the sublime Robyn of RobynEatsEverything, and it originally appeared on their website. Once you’ve enjoyed the smut here (as text or audio – click ‘play’ above!), click the link at the end if you’d like to read part two…

The first time I ever sucked dick, we’d just been to McDonald’s and it tasted like strawberry milkshake. It was actually my first time in a McDonald’s too; what a day.


After hours – fucking the boss

This erotic story about fucking the boss is written by Scorpio Appetites, and read by Girl on the Net. Note this story contains brief use of ‘daddy’ as an honorific.

‘Hey, who’ve I gotta fuck to get another beer over here?’ I smile sweetly at the customer and put another Stella on the counter. I’m wearing a checked shirt tied low enough to show a flash of black bra and as much cleavage as I can muster, and I enjoy feeling his drunken gaze rake over me. I drink his impotent desire like a shot of cheap whiskey. The two feet of bar between us may as well be a trillion miles.


James – fucking your employee

This hot story about fucking your employee is written by Scorpio Appetites, and read by Matt Johnson. 

You notice him right away. How could you not? He works for you but you don’t feel it, not really. He commands any room he enters, his easy wit and broad smile equal parts charming in their sincerity and dangerous in how defenceless they leave you. Every grin seems to be for you. Every time he rubs his neck and his suit strains around his biceps, it seems to be laser-targeted to your pussy. But you’re not stupid – you don’t fuck employees. He’s just an object, something pretty to have around, to be admired and enjoyed on your own terms. He’s a statue. A painting. A lamp.


Teach me how to suck your dick

Whenever I ask a new person to teach me how to suck their dick, Jez from Peep Show’s voice pops up to tell me “That’s cheating! Anyone can please [someone] in bed if [they] tell you what to do! You’re not allowed to ASK, that’s the whole point!” It’s ridiculous, of course, because you absolutely are allowed to ask. In fact, sometimes asking is the only way you’ll find out exactly how this particular person likes their dick to be sucked.


Who knows him better? His friends help me fuck him

This gorgeous piece in which someone’s friends help fuck a guy is written by Quinn Rhodes of OnQueerStreet.com – check out his website at that link. Content note for some consensual non-consent and CBT – cock-and-ball torture, not cognitive behavioural therapy.