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Pornhub removes unverified uploads: the good, bad and ugly

It’s hard to adequately convey how massive a move it is for Pornhub to remove all unverified uploads from its platform. The site – like many ‘free’ tube sites like YouPorn and Xhamster – has relied on unverified user uploads for so long that to suddenly remove them is a massive step. What does it mean? Should you be worried? And are there legitimate criticisms of the way this has happened?


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Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center: don’t get your hopes up

Young people in the UK are crying out for good sex education, and they’re not alone. Many adults, annoyed by the poor sex ed they received in school, are keen to learn more too. They want to get inclusive, non-judgmental advice and guidance about sex and relationships. So usually I’d welcome any new sex education initiative – the more info people have, the better, right? Well, not necessarily. Let’s talk about the Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center.