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Sexy link roundup: courage, incels and dystopian erotica

It’s been a while since I did a round-up of sexy links, so apologies for being lax on it. But I am now raring to go and because I’ve missed a couple of weeks I’m going to pick three of my favourite sex blog posts from the last few weeks. I also have not one but TWO bonus updates right at the end of the post…


Guest blog: Writing about my sex life led to better sex

This week’s guest blogger is Christine Wild, fellow sex blogger and author – she blogs over at JustBadTiming.com and has recently published her memoir, Just Bad Timing. And I’m really pleased she got in touch because that’s one more sex blogger I can start following – check out her Twitter and Instagram. Christine’s here to tell you about a deeply hot shag in a tattoo parlour, and how writing about her sex life led to better sex… (and if you scroll to the bottom there’s a competition where you can win a copy of her book!)


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Sex blogger SOS: Share Our Shit

Another day, another avenue of income that slams its doors on adult content providers. Recently Patreon announced a ‘clarification’ of its terms and conditions which means that sexy content providers are – to put it bluntly – fucked. It would make sense if I wrote a blog post now explaining the ways in which you can support your friendly neighbourhood sex blogger financially, but I’m not going to do that. I’m going to ask you to do something that won’t cost you a single penny. I’m going to ask you to Share Our Shit.


Guest blog: Smutathon – dirty stories for two good causes

I have a BONUS guest blog for you today, courtesy of the fab sex blogger The Other Livvy. She’s teaming up with some other sex bloggers for a ‘Smutathon’ – writing dirty stories for two excellent charitable causes.


Audio porn: now you can hear sexy stories in a dirty voice

Do you like sexy stories? Do you like people reading you sexy stories in their dirtiest voice? Well, today I launched the audio porn hub: a project I’ve been working on since… oooh, middle of last year. I wanted to start getting some of the sexy stories on my blog live as audio – good for people who are using screenreaders, and also good for people who just prefer their sex aural. Find out a bit more about the audio porn project, and support it on Patreon if you’d like to help me make more.