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Armpit hair is sexy and life is better without pain

I find armpit hair incredibly sexy. I have always adored the way it frames and accents the shoulders and arms of someone I’m fucking – the sight of a hot dude lounging topless or naked, arms folded behind his head and armpit hair adding a touch of colour to draw attention to the curve of where his chest meets his shoulders makes me shudder and want to bury my face in him. But armpit hair is sexy on me too, not just for how it looks but how it makes me feel. (more…)

Welcome to summer! Now shave your fucking legs

Summer beauty tips direct from my horrible subconscious. 

Step right up, it’s summer! And my my, it’s a scorcher! You’ll be looking forward to going to the park with your friends, won’t you? Having a nice pint in a beer garden, or heading down to the beach? Before you do, though, there’s a bit of admin to get sorted. Firstly: shave your fucking legs.


Guest blog: Shaving my sub’s cunt

This week’s guest blogger – @alexwritessmut – is going to talk to you about shaving his sub’s cunt. And putting it in that stark and simple way is, for some reason, a huge turn-on for me. Just the phrase ‘shaving my sub’s cunt’, where ‘cunt’ refers not just to a hole, but the whole – the mound between your legs as well as the parts inside you. The view someone gets when you spread your thighs – everything you’d hide day-to-day in knickers, suddenly exposed and explored. Open and vulnerable. Sometimes the simplicity of action, explained matter-of-factly, is all it takes to turn me on. And that’s before we even get to the detail… Enjoy…