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Guest blog: Slap me. Do it.

There are certain TV shows that make for awesome foreplay. Your choice of show will depend on your style and desires, but I’m sure you know the kind I mean: those which consistently give you flashes of horny fuck scenes that will play on your mind long after the credits roll. This week’s awesome guest blog is about a single scene in one of those shows. When he originally pitched it to me, I remembered the exact moment – “slap me” – from the mouth of a character who wouldn’t usually be submissive. And it gave me echoes of the horn that I felt when I’d watched that show too. I only wish I could have taken the cum-trigger hotness of it and put it into practice as spectacularly as this…


Before the slap – faceslapping audio

This glorious faceslapping femdom piece is written and read by The Gentle Domme

I’m kissing you. Maybe mauling is the better choice of words, since I kiss like bites, sometimes having to hold myself back from nibbling too hard on your pretty pink lips in the excitement of desiring more.