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Use me, please use me

This incredible piece – ‘use me’ – is written and read by Robyn of Robyn Eats Everything and originally appeared on their website. 

You seem stressed today, darling. A little frazzled around the edges, as though you’re tired of everything and everyone. What do you need? I know, how about you fuck my throat until it’s raw?


Guest blog: Snapshots from subspace

I’m so excited to welcome the fabulous Ariel Anderssen to the guest blog slot this week, with a piece so breathtaking that it got me right in the heart as well as the knickers. She’s here to give you a dreamy, horny tour of a kinky scene, via snapshots from subspace: one of those play sessions/fucks that ebbs and flows throughout so many different activities that your memories of it are more like a scrapbook than a chronological record. I love this post so much, and I know lots of you will too. If you want to read more of Ariel’s fabulous work, her new book – Playing to Lose – How a Jehovah’s Witness became a submissive BDSM model – is out now with Unbound (and also available from all good bookshops!). You can also follow her on Twitter and YouTube once you’ve had your breath taken away by this guest blog: it’s such a fucking treat.


Guest blog: Over the knee, hard. Intense punishment spanking

Today we get to welcome a brand new guest blogger to the site – Sundial! Naturally I love welcoming new guest bloggers, but this one’s special because in her initial email she said she’s thinking of starting her own sex blog but isn’t sure, because it’s hard to rate your own writing. So if you like this, please do leave lovely comments. I imagine you can guess my opinion when you read it, but for what it’s worth here goes: this is one of the most delicious, intense punishment spanking scenes I’ve read in a really long time. The way she luxuriates in the atmosphere and the physical details, really hammering home the power of each crack as well as the strength of the guy who delivers them. It’s extremely hot. I had to go for a lie down. Please give an stingingly warm welcome to Sundial, and dive into this brutal, beautifully-conjured punishment scene…


Don’t be late: a playful punishment spanking

This fabulously hot punishment spanking is written and read by EuphemiseThis, and originally appeared on her website. 

The company’s annual conference was extremely useful but completely exhausting, so I was desperate for a nap and some alone time before the final night’s big social. Micha and I worked on different teams in different cites and so only saw each other at these events. We first properly chatted at the post-conference party five years ago and, after a few drinks, discovered that we had a lot in common despite our obvious differences.


Topping from the bottom: getting spanked as a dominant

This one guy sometimes sort of… pats me on the arse. Really gently. Just with fingertips, a very light stroke-slash-pat. It’s so tentative and soft. As if he’s brushing his hand over my bum to test whether it’s actually OK to touch me – the way a shy cat might prod your thigh with a single, nervous paw to test out whether yours is a safe lap to settle down on. In a way I love it, because I think what we’re seeing here is an adorable nerd with very little experience of casual intimacy discovering the gold-plated joy that comes when you realise you’re allowed to touch someone’s arse just because you fancy it. But it also massively does my head in, because I love having my bum grabbed and slapped and manhandled, but someone brushing delicately over it is frustrating: like giving a starving girl two Pringles and then running away. Our dynamic is not one which lends itself easily to switching – somehow I always find myself in charge. So I’ve been pondering how to go about getting spanked, but in a dominant way. The ultimate topping from the bottom. I think I have it.