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My lesbian adventure (part 2): Fucking herself on my fingers

This is part 2 of Isabelle Lauren‘s gorgeous lesbian adventure story, read by Carolyna Luna. This part leaps straight in to the action where the previous one left off. You can catch up on part 1 – I want to taste you – at that link.

I hand her the butt plug and suddenly, I don’t want to try it anymore. I’m scared it will hurt. But I know I will regret it forever if I back out.

“Lie down on your back, feet up.”

It sounds almost clinical, but it’s the right tone. My nervousness disappears and I get into position.


Reconnecting with the Sex Scientist – a true sex story

This gorgeous true sex story is written by E L Byrne of Lustitude, and is read aloud here by Sherryl Blu

I can hardly explain how it had been almost two years since we had seen each other. Two years since our flesh has touched, since I’ve heard his crazy laugh in person, since his lips touched mine, since we did incredibly delicious erotic things to one another. I mean the whole world knows why, but it just didn’t compute in my head. Then I saw him. (Insert big sigh here) What a wonderful feeling after all this unintended time away, neither our dynamic, our companionship, nor our attraction had waned. It was as strong as ever, and I can admit to feeling a total resurgence of my crush on him. Enjoying all the little “oooh” moments again. It’s been lovely.


Double dildo part 1 – fisting experiments with the sex scientist

This fabulous true story is written by EL Byrne, and originally appeared on her site – Lustitude. It is read here by Girl on the Net. 

When I arrive at his flat, my Sex Scientist is in the tub, his long lean body stretched out relaxing in the hot water, playing a trivia game on his phone – he’s winning of course. I settle into his flat, drop the food I brought in the kitchen, strip down to my panties, and go sit on top of the toilet seat. We spend a few minutes chatting and catching up on our week. I am always happy to enter our relationship bubble, turn off my phone, and spend this concentrated time connecting with him.


Guest blog: Adrenaline, squirting and hot après-ski

I don’t know why I feel it’s important to tell you this is a true story. Perhaps because I find things even hotter if they’re true. Perhaps because I like to dream that I, one day, might be rescued by a hot dude and then seduced so skilfully he has me laid flat and breathless with lust somewhere. Either way, this is a true story by Leda Marshall about an extremely hot après-ski experience, and it had me weak with horn. Enjoy!


Love rain o’er me – Outdoor orgasms

This gorgeous femdom story featuring outdoor orgasms and whipping, was written by Cal (@uncmfrtblynmb) and originally appeared on his Medium blog. It is read here by rmp792

She took her time positioning me just right in the little hollow. With springtime making an earlier than usual appearance, we’d had some balmy weather recently, and celebrated it like we usually did by spending some time up in the mountains.