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Cleaning up her mess: humiliation erotica

This fabulous humiliation erotica, by Floss Liddell, originally appeared on her website. It is read aloud here by Tabitha Rayne

‘It’s frivolous. You’re frivolous. Don’t you realise some us struggle to pay our bills each month.’

The conversation was always the same with Jane, I wouldn’t mind so much if she wasn’t nursing a rather expensive bottle of wine as we spoke, and if there was even truth in the nature of my frivolity.


Guest blog: Squirting – a penis owner’s odyssey

I know that Jenby (aka @JenetalTorture) needs no introduction, because you’ve already read her incredible accounts of pony play, e-stim, erotic hypnosis and more by now. But still. STILL. I need to tell you, for the avoidance of any doubt, that this new guest blog gave me a pretty intriguing biology tutorial as well as all the sexy shivers, and I am honoured to be able to host it today. Here’s Jenby’s intense and kinky account, as a transfeminine person, of her first time squirting…


Guest blog: The first time we tried sex supplements

I confess I’ve never tried sex supplements, but this week’s guest blogger has. ‘A’ has dropped by to share a hot story about what happened when she and her partner both embarked on a sexy experiment. As she put it herself in her original pitch email: “You know when you’re sceptical about something but you try it anyway and then the results are *far* better than expected?!” How could I possibly resist a guest blog with an opener like that?! As this is about pills, I need to include a disclaimer that it does not constitute recommendation/medical advice. Instead please enjoy it for what it is: a hot tale about two people who decided to indulge their curiosity…


Guest blog: I’ve squirted once but how can I squirt again?

Please welcome this week’s guest blogger @PinkGilly15! Gilly writes hot real life stories over at her blog, Stagey Sex, and is here today to talk about the kind of personal sex challenge that I’m sure others have tried out too. Having squirted once, and loved it, she wanted to be able to do it more consistently. But how? With sex toys, willing fingers, and determination: here’s her story.


Guest blog: It started with a kiss

This week’s guest blogger is the fabulous @DivaFoof Joanne! To introduce her guest blog I’m going to tell you two things I love about her. Firstly, she has a really lovely voice – she recently recorded one of my audio porn posts, on being fucked while my partner watches porn, and if you haven’t heard it yet you should totally listen before you read this post. Having heard her read smut before, I can’t help but read the post below and hear her lovely voice ringing in my ears. It’s a delightfully sexy account of an eager fuck, and – second thing I love about her – the fast-paced, almost breathless way she writes is really evocative of those fucks that you simply have to get down to quickly…