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Guest blog: Caught having sex in the office

No one’s ever asked me this, but if I were a guest blogger I’d want to know: the most popular guest blog ever published on the site is this one – about wearing a butt plug in public. It’s a phenomenal post, written by the excellent @Absolutely_Ruby, who popped back later to record it as audio porn so her sexy words could be accessible to more people. She’s amazing, and her writing is incredibly hot, which is why I’m delighted to welcome her back this week with another real-life sex story, about getting caught having sex in the office…


Grief fuck: We had fun, the three of us

This post is part of a series of emotional fucks – I asked people on Twitter to give me different atmospheres/types of fuck and then used each as the basis for some erotic fiction. I’ve done revenge fuck, spite fuck and principle fuck, this one’s about a grief fuck. Two people try to conjure the fun they had with a friend before he died.


Guest blog: The goodbye we deserved

Places can have a really special resonance in our lives. When I travel around my hometown, I can’t help but remember different locations by the sexy things I used to do there. Sometimes the simple act of visiting a particular place is enough to bring back a flood of memories. And often, just reading about the resonance certain places have for other people is enough to send me off on a mental journey through all the places I once loved and fucked. This week’s guest blog, by Lauren, is a gorgeous story about exactly this, and it made me cry.


Guest blog: Fucking on a narrowboat

This week’s guest author lives on a narrowboat, and is writing about fucking on a narrowboat. Because there isn’t easy access to a computer, Sara drafted this post in an email and sent it on to me for editing. I couldn’t bear to edit too much of it, because I think the breathless, raw tone adds a lot to the eroticism of the writing. The confined space, the eagerness to fuck, and the pure and simple pleasure of the experience. Enjoy!


The sweat of his labour: a deeply unrealistic Christmas fantasy

As snow falls on the ground outside, she reaches out to him in the darkness and whispers: “Talk to me. Tell me something sexy.” He shifts a little to draw her closer, pressing his warm skin against her own. Bringing his lips close to her face, he ponders the things most likely to turn her on.

“I’ve finished writing all the Christmas cards,” he says. “All you need to do is sign them.”