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Guest blog: Fucking on a narrowboat

This week’s guest author lives on a narrowboat, and is writing about fucking on a narrowboat. Because there isn’t easy access to a computer, Sara drafted this post in an email and sent it on to me for editing. I couldn’t bear to edit too much of it, because I think the breathless, raw tone adds a lot to the eroticism of the writing. The confined space, the eagerness to fuck, and the pure and simple pleasure of the experience. Enjoy!


The sweat of his labour: a deeply unrealistic Christmas fantasy

As snow falls on the ground outside, she reaches out to him in the darkness and whispers: “Talk to me. Tell me something sexy.” He shifts a little to draw her closer, pressing his warm skin against her own. Bringing his lips close to her face, he ponders the things most likely to turn her on.

“I’ve finished writing all the Christmas cards,” he says. “All you need to do is sign them.”


House parties, fag breaks and competitive fucking

I miss the house parties I used to go to when I was younger. The casual group of people gathering to drink, which turns into a few more people, a bit more music, maybe some drinking games and… sex. Not group sex, necessarily, just ‘I’m really horny is there a room we can go into to fuck?’ sex. Sex that started with a giggling suggestion and wolf-whistles and ‘get a room!’s. Sex that ended by checking someone else’s parents’ bedsheets for spunk.


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Guest blog: Bottom euphoria – fucking as me

I’m really excited about this week’s guest blog, it’s hot and sweet and vulnerable and gorgeous. Please welcome Dissembling Cub, a non-binary trans guy who’s here to share a story about getting fucked for the first time ‘as’ a guy, wearing a double-ended dildo. Sometimes writing sex stories is like performing for people, fucking in a theatre to which anyone can buy a ticket. Other times, like this one, it’s like opening up the bedroom door and letting people peek through into some of the most intimate sexy bits of your life.


I am so bored of you fucking me

There’s a particular porn scene my partner and I watch over and over and over. I’m not going to tell you exactly what it is, because for some reason a little piece of my brain blushes at the thought of you watching it and judging me. But it contains a dynamic that I find incredibly hot: the bored fuck. Ideally with an incredibly eager dude (or a line-up of them) and a really bored-looking woman. Her expression says ‘I’m bored of you fucking me’ or perhaps even ‘get on with it’, and his desperation paired with her ambivalence makes me a soaking-wet-and-shaking kind of horny.