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I want you to fuck me with an ice cold glass dildo

This gorgeous fantasy about being fucked with an ice cold glass dildo is written and read by Molly Moore, and originally appeared on her website. 

I want you to fuck me with an ice cold glass dildo while your jizz drips out of me.We have been fucking on and off all day. It started with slow sleepy morning sex. You spooning behind me and sliding your morning wood into my cunt. You feel so good inside me like this but I am still a bit sleepy and I don’t bother reaching down to rub my clit but just luxuriate in the feel of your body close up against mine and the thickness of your dick penetrating me. Eventually you roll away and I watch your erection bob in front of you as you pad naked across the room and disappear into the bathroom.


Why can’t I put an ice lolly in my vagina?

Google Trends tells me that people only really began searching ‘lolly vagina’ in earnest in July 2022. Yet as long ago as 2019, we were being warned in The Metro not to put lollies in our vaginas to try and cool down. The Mirror, too, chipped in by reiterating the warnings. As did Grazia. In 2020, when most of us were busy trying not to catch the plague, the Daily Star reminded us to also remain vigilant against frostbite on our fannies. Now, as a deadly heatwave grips the UK, the links and warnings start circulating again, with new outlets chiming in to help curb what appears to be a trend of people shagging ice pops to try and stay cool in the heat. I imagine these will only increase exponentially as climate change continues to radically alter the make-up of the planet while the people in power make token gestures that aren’t even close to enough. But how useful are these warnings? Are people actually putting ice lollies in their vaginas? What are the risks? And most importantly… why can’t I fuck an ice lolly if I want to?


Summer fucking: all that filthy, sweaty sex

This gorgeous tour through dirty thoughts about summer fucking is written by Quinn Rhodes, and originally appeared on hir website. It is read here by Girl on the Net.

It’s summer, and all I can think about is fucking. Even when it’s too hot to fuck, the heat just seems to be making me more and more horny. My mind is filled with filthy thoughts and I’ve pulled a few of these together to share with y’all here, in lieu of a blog post that requires me to think of coherent points. I’m far too turned on for that.


Cuddling in a heatwave: alternative activities

This heatwave has now got so bad that even I am starting to miss cuddles. I’m normally far too into the banging to care about the post-fuck snuggles but… it’s getting to me, you know? The lack of human contact caused by the fact that I can’t successfully touch another human without either sticking to them or bursting into flames. So here are a few alternatives to cuddling in a heatwave.


Welcome to summer! Now shave your fucking legs

Summer beauty tips direct from my horrible subconscious. 

Step right up, it’s summer! And my my, it’s a scorcher! You’ll be looking forward to going to the park with your friends, won’t you? Having a nice pint in a beer garden, or heading down to the beach? Before you do, though, there’s a bit of admin to get sorted. Firstly: shave your fucking legs.