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Guest blog: sexy things in public spaces, and the price of love

When I do sex and politics, usually it’s a bit sledgehammer – an angry rant about the concept of the ‘Friend Zone’, paying for dates, that kind of thing.

This week’s guest blogger, though, is talking about love in public spaces – kissing, touching, holding hands – and brings up a whole bunch of things that I’d never considered from a sex perspective. Frankie tackles the cumulative effects of a whole bunch of different decisions – transport costs, public spaces, house prices – on the sex that people have, and the ways we all interact when we’re super-horny and just want to fucking touch each other. When I read through it, it gave me a jolt – I’d literally never thought about that way before, and now that I’ve thought about it I’ve started seeing it everywhere.

So read, enjoy and please do comment. Because whether you agree or disagree, it’s really bloody interesting.