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Guest blog: Twinning – what’s hot about becoming someone else?

I confess, I had never heard of ‘twinning’ until the magic kink fairy (aka incredible guest blogger Jenby) popped up in my inbox to offer me a post about doing it with her girlfriend. These are often my favourite kinds of posts, because I fucking love learning new kink things, and understanding the various ways in which they speak to people’s sexual selves. Twinning is all about transformation – turning one person into another, via various sexy means. I’ll let Jenby herself explain in more detail, along with a super hot story about ‘becoming’ someone else…

Note that this story contains the use of ‘Mummy’ as an honorific – all participants are consenting adults.


Guest blog: Gender-affirming ways to fuck as a woman with a penis

As I mentioned last week, I had a whole bunch of amazing pitches in for International Women’s Day, so here on the blog it’s going to be International Women’s… month and a bit, until about mid-April. YAY. Today’s fabulous guest blog hits two of my absolute favourite things, genuinely useful and cool education plus outrageously horny sex ideas. Jenny – who blogs at SymTrkl here and posts on Mastodon here – is a trans woman and sexually creative badass, and she’s here to share with you some top tips on overcoming gender dysphoria in the bedroom. Basically, how to embrace your femininity while fucking as a woman with a penis. Take it away Jenny…


Guest blog: My first orgasm with a neovulva

Regular readers will know how much I love a good ‘first time’, in fact I have a tag right here on the blog for it: check out the kickass variety of first times people have shared, from first threesomes to first prostate orgasms and first time visiting a strip club, I adore hearing about those moments of sexy discovery. And if they come with detailed orgasmic descriptions, even better. So imagine how over the moon I was to hear from this week’s guest blogger, Star, who offered to share a pretty fucking special first time of her own: her very first orgasm with a neovulva! Take it away Star…


Guest blog: My first time with a cis woman

Regular readers will already be familiar with Jenby’s excellent work. I’m going to keep the intro for this very short indeed, it’s just here to let you know that the following contains references to transphobia and violence, and I’m extremely grateful to her for tackling this. Here’s a piece by Jenby about her first time with a cis woman.

Guest blog: Watching VR porn as a trans man

This week’s guest blogger, Kelvin, is a sex blogger – he writes at KelvinSparks.com and tweets @ksparksreviews. He got in touch recently with an idea for a guest blog about his relationship with VR porn, as a trans man who experiences gender dysphoria. I’m obsessed with virtual reality porn mainly because it does something that standard porn can’t: it allows the viewer to get closer to inhabiting different bodies. Find out how VR porn has helped Kelvin and his trans girlfriend experience something totally new…