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WIN jewelled butt plugs from StuffGoodies – Ts and Cs

Want to WIN a set of Cloud 9 jewelled butt plugs from my site sponsor All you need to do is retweet the competition tweet before midday (UK time) on 12th October 2020, and you’ll be in the draw to win! Terms and conditions below…

Terms and Conditions for StuffGoodies Twitter comp:

  1. Retweet the competition tweet and follow @StuffGoodies1 on Twitter to be in with a chance of winning a Cloud 9 jewelled butt plug, [RRP $25.90, no cash alternative].
  2. Competition open from midday (UK time) on 28th September 2020 until midday on 12th October 2020.
  3. All entrants must be over 18.
  4. Winner will be chosen by random draw after closing time, and notified by StuffGoodies via Twitter DM. If the winner does not claim their prize within 5 days a new winner will be redrawn.
  5. By entering you confirm you’re happy for StuffGoodies to contact you in order to send your prize in the event that you win.
  6. Competition is open worldwide as long as sex toys can be legally shipped to your country. Postage costs will be covered, but we cannot be responsible for customs charges if they apply in your country.
  7. In order to administer the competition, a tool will be used to select a retweet at random – the draw tool will not be able to count entries made by suspended accounts, or accounts which are set to “private”.

In which I attempt to normalise ten condom fucks

OK so hear me out: ten condom fucks. Fucks which require a large number of condoms. Fucks which start at about 2pm, are interspersed with drinks and chatting and playing Beat Saber and slow-dancing sexily in the middle of the living room. Fucks which ebb and flow between oral, penetration, and naked touching, meaning each time you decide you’re gonna get down to it, you slip on a new condom. Fucks which mean you have to scatter condoms throughout the apartment so there’s always one easily to hand. Ten condom fucks.


Masturbation month: twelve filthy stories, both true and fiction

It’s Masturbation Month! Those of you who don’t work in the sex industry might not be familiar with it, although I’d wager if you’ve bought a sex toy at any point over the last 12 months you’ll have been reminded of this auspicious time with a well-placed marketing email or two. While I’d love to write a round-up of sex toys that you should buy, it’s always more fun for me to write hot stuff that features toys than a plain old shopping list. So instead of a shopping list, here are twelve filthy stories: each one either a true sex story or a piece of erotic fiction. If you can guess which of these are true, and leave your guesses in the comments, whoever gets closest to the right answer will win a GOTN badge. And if you fancy reliving these stories (or coming up with some of your own!) I’d very much appreciate you clicking the links, buying from my sponsors, and helping to support my work here on the site. Without these fabulous sponsor companies, GOTN wouldn’t exist.


Which different condoms have you tried?

Hand on heart, I am not a huge fan of condoms. I think they play a vital role in keeping me safe if I’m fucking around, of course, but if I’m in a long term monogamous relationship I’d prefer to rely on my trusty IUD, and let the spunk fall where it may. So I’m not their greatest fan, but if I’m in a situation where it’s sensible to use condoms I’ll always use them, and try to focus on what makes condoms sexy rather than listening to the greedy slag who lives in the back of my brain thirsting, constantly, for jizz. If you’re with someone who doesn’t like condoms and is reluctant to use them, I figured I can give you a little advice in the form of the one question you should ask them. Or if you have a dick and it’s you who doesn’t like them, a question to ponder for yourself: which different condoms have you tried?


Oh shit! It’s nearly Valentine’s Day!

Sorry to break it to you, gang, but it’s nearly Valentine’s Day. To those of you smug wankers with ideas and gifts and confidence that your love will enjoy what you’ve already planned, I say ‘piss off.’ This post is for people who only just realised that it’s nearly Valentine’s Day and feeling worried because they might be expected to do/buy something but have absolutely no ideas at all.