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Ariadne Awakes is a filthy sensualist who likes smut with 'feeling' if not always plot, taking full advantage of her long delayed sexual awakening by being a shameless kinky slut. She is interested in the joys of submission, 'straight' guys who just cant keep their hands off each other, medieval sex slave debauchery and documenting her adventures with her sexy escort that she is definitely not in love with. Ariadne takes her name from a Greek mythology heroine who got used then jilted by an arsehole then shacked up with the god of partying and fucking, good for her! She also writes custom made erotic audios for anyone who wants a tailored made experience based on their deepest desires. To listen to/read more of her work, commission something just for you, you can visit her literotica page, her twitter @AriadneAwakes or go support her on Patreon where you can also request custom smut! Read her first guest blog for GOTN - The virgin and the escort, or listen to her audio porn below...

The King’s Cock – a shameless medieval cock-fest

This shameless medieval cock-fest is written and read by Ariadne Awakes. Note: this story is a fantasy that contains kidnapping and implied non-consent.

“Suck.” The countless times she’d been issued this command and it still sent glorious shivers straight to her constantly aching cunt. It was the time of year the court had nicknamed ‘The Grand Suck’, where the King’s most worthy subjects had the privilege of watching their wives, daughters and sometimes mothers kneel before him and show obedience to the sceptre with which he ruled. His cock.


Gangbanged (part 2) – Heavenly

This is part two of the story ‘Gangbanged’ – catch up on part 1 here. At the end of that tale, Ariadne’s guy told her the men he’d enlisted for that gang bang had new plans… Content Note: This erotic fiction contains elements of exhibitionism and voyeurism which may not always be ethical to do in real life. Everything that happens to the narrator is consensual.

The last place I expected to be fucked by someone I barely know was in a clothing shop changing room but that’s where the plans my guy tantalised me with after my gangbang started to unfold, almost two months later. Long enough for me to think it was just something he’d said to get me off and forgot all about it.


Gangbanged – he fulfils her cock-hungry fantasy

This fabulous story about getting gangbanged is written and read by Ariadne Awakes. Note: everything that happens to the narrator is pre-planned and entirely consensual.

Each time I hear another pair of footsteps entering wherever it is that he’s handcuffed me, my heart skips another beat and my clit throbs. They don’t speak, but I can feel the air charged with their need, their smell, their lust.


My boyfriend wants your cock and so do I

This glorious story – My boyfriend wants your cock and so do I – is written and read by Ariadne Awakes. Find her other work here on Literotica, and check out her Patreon for more amazing audio smut.

You decide to bring my fantasy to life one night when you invite your friend around to fuck me. It turns out you’ve got fantasies of you own. How did you know they were mine too?

“If you’re a very good girl for me and let him fuck you hard, I might just suck his big dick for you, how about that?”

And just like that, all the doubt and panic melts away and I’m on him.


Prosecco and coconut oil – we made a real mess

This story is part 2 of ‘The Virgin and the Escort’ – written and read by Ariadne Awakes. “For my 40th birthday, I decided to treat myself to my favourite thing: you. I bought the whip and the spreader; you bought prosecco and coconut oil…”