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Ariadne Awakes is a filthy sensualist who likes smut with 'feeling' if not always plot, taking full advantage of her long delayed sexual awakening by being a shameless kinky slut. She is interested in the joys of submission, 'straight' guys who just cant keep their hands off each other, medieval sex slave debauchery and documenting her adventures with her sexy escort that she is definitely not in love with. Ariadne takes her name from a Greek mythology heroine who got used then jilted by an arsehole then shacked up with the god of partying and fucking, good for her! She also writes custom made erotic audios for anyone who wants a tailored made experience based on their deepest desires. To listen to/read more of her work, commission something just for you, you can visit her literotica page, her twitter @AriadneAwakes or go support her on Patreon where you can also request custom smut! Read her first guest blog for GOTN - The virgin and the escort, or listen to her audio porn below...

Guest blog: Bang me like you bang those drums

Oh God I am missing festivals so much this year. And as if to taunt my festival-sick heart and taunt my horny body, Ariadne Awakes sent me the most cuntpunchingly beautiful piece about fucking the drummer in a band. I heard the audio before I read the text and frankly it took my breath away. Click ‘listen now’ above to hear Ariadne read it aloud in all it’s lust-fuelled glory, or read it below if you prefer, then go find more of her incredible work at under the name Ariadne Awakes, or on twitter @AriadneAwakes where you can find links to more stories, streams of consciousness and details about how you can get in touch to have a custom made audio just for you. Now please join me in revelling in this glorious, brilliant story, and cross your fingers for the end of Covid and return of festivals soon.