Fucked her face in the street

Picture by the awesome Stuart F Taylor

This gorgeous story about facefucking and struggling to say goodbye is written and read by JM Seaborn of Written In Kink. Note that the story contains ‘Daddy’ as an honorific, all participants are consenting adults.

We walk the streets, just to talk. To say goodbye. Nothing else. We’re in public so we won’t do anything. It’s daytime so we won’t do anything. This will keep us honest. This will control us. The risk of getting caught is too much so we won’t do anyth- Fuck.

This street is quieter than the others. This building has an entrance to a loading bay. You hold my hand and lead me there. You turn, ready to accept the first nervous kiss.

But instead I grab your throat and put you against the wall. You gasp into my mouth.

I can feel you struggling as my size overwhelms you and you pant under my grip while the other hand pushes up under your skirt. You shrink into the corner of our little cove. Anyone looking might wonder if you’re in trouble.

Anyone listening would hear you call me ‘Daddy.’

I feel you bite my lip at the moment my strong finger pushes into your cunt. We can hear cars, people, and televisions in the flats above. I almost want them to see. To see the power I have over you. To see how I can have you whenever I want you.

You push against me, your fingers curled into my coat, hanging on to me.

I’m so tall that you have to stand on your tiptoes to get the friction you want from my hand. You’re so desperate and needy, fucking my hand and moaning into my chest.

I whisper into your ear.

“Look how desperate you are to do this even in public. Anyone could see you. Anyone could pass and see my pretty little sub fucking her Daddy’s hand.”

“Yes Daddy,” you reply. “I need it.”

And someone does walk past.

A man on his phone glances over. I ask you to look over at him.

“Do you think he knows, baby?

Do you think he knows that you’re grinding your cunt against Daddy’s fingers?”

Your answer is a moan. Your cunt clenches.

The man knows. He stares and then when he’s caught staring he looks away. My thumb teases your cunt and my fingers stretch you out and you start to come onto my hand. As you do, your legs buckle and your eyes tear up. I hold your chin and look down at you. I kiss you.

We’re not done.

You see the hunger in my eyes and wordlessly lower yourself to your knees. You pull my dick out and your eyes widen. I love how you’re excited every time you see it.

I put my hand behind your head to protect you from the wall. You open your mouth and I drag your delicate face down my cock.

You feel so warm and tight around me and I fuck your face far too hard. I hear you gag and just when I think I should slow down, you put both hands on my arse and pull me in even harder.

You want more. My slut wants more.

And you get more. My whole six foot four frame is being driven into you, and you drool down your chin as you take it. You know I’m close and you look up at me with tearful eyes. I know what you want to say without you speaking.

“Come in me Daddy. I want it all.”

And I give it all to you. Erupting down your throat and feeling the vibrations of your moans down my shaft.

It’s broad daylight. Anyone could see. See you hungrily take all of Daddy’s cum. You pant and gasp and swallow. Your eyes streaming with tears as you struggle not to gag.

I pull you to your feet and bring you close. I look into your eyes and I tell you that I love you. That you’re a good girl. A special girl.

We hold hands and ignore the goodbye this walk was supposed to deliver.

It will come. But I can’t do it today.

Not today.


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