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Lou Kane is a queer and kinky erotica writer who lives by the motto: Write smut. Read smut. Live forever. He lives in Amsterdam by way of Seattle and Chicago, with his feline companion, Marge. They have short stories published on,, and as well as stories in various erotica anthologies, such as Coming Soon: Women’s Orgasm Erotica from Cleis Press and Cunning Linguists from New Smut Project. To read more of his stuff, visit For off-the-cuff queer musings, follow them on Twitter: @louise_kane_

You only had to ask

This gorgeous piece about yearning for anal play is written and read by Lou Kane and originally appeared on their website.

The sun had only just crested the horizon, its first butter-yellow rays invading the small bedroom D and I shared. My fingers were already at work. It was a standing rule that I was allowed to touch myself without asking permission if D was asleep; lately, I’d been pushing that rule to its outermost limit.


Bring your girlfriend to work day

This fabulous erotic fiction piece in which Kim’s girlfriend surprises her at work is written and read by Lou Kane and originally appeared on his website. Note that this story contains the use of ‘Daddy’ as an honorific – all characters are consenting adults. 

Cara ducked beneath the half-open garage door, eyes adjusting to the brightly lit space after the rainy darkness outside. Her girlfriend Kim had worked at this garage for a couple years, but Cara had only visited a handful of times since they’d started dating. She loved walking in on Kim working; something about how dirty she got really did it for Cara. Right now though, the garage looked empty.

“Kim?” Cara called, voice echoing under high ceilings.

“In back!”